There is a great deal of power available for Dragon during the year of the water Tiger. In truth, Tigers and Dragons battle endlessly: Tiger energy is about mundane and earthly matters, while in contrast, Dragon energy is about big dreams and potential. You may struggle to manifest your vision, but you cannot succeed without Tiger energy. This year, you can take your big ideas and the potential you see in various projects, and make them happen in very real terms. Opportunities will be all around you. But it will be necessary for you to take the first step.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

2022 marks the second seed-saving year in your 12-year cycle. This year, the focus is on finishing projects that you have been working on for a long time. This could mean moving forward in a relationship, taking steps on your career path, or finishing a creative endeavor that's been tucked in a drawer for many years. Now you can take the knowledge you've accumulated, and the contacts you've made over the years, and use them to help you gain substantial success.

In a water Tiger year, you're quite focused on friendships. This year, you can find people who admire and care about you. It will also be time to renew old friendships. The challenge is not to let yourself be blocked by a single person, but to listen to the chorus of support around you.

Overall, the word for Dragon is “community.” Through connections to others, you can find the path to your goal.


In 2022, Dragon, you may be taking your relationships quite seriously. The water Tiger year may see you recommitting to a business partnership or a close friendship. If you're in a devoted relationship, you and your sweetheart are sitting down to discuss the practical parts of life, like buying a house or saving for retirement. Single Dragons who want to have fun may find that the person you're attracted to is all business. Settling down and taking a more measured approach could bring you a long-lasting relationship.

March 2 brings a new moon where you and your sweetheart may be taking a big step in your relationship. You could be announcing an engagement or an addition to the family (both kids and puppies count!). Dragon, the two of you have been getting along well, finishing each other's sentences and enjoying each other's company. There is positive energy this month.

A lunar eclipse on May 15 could bring some challenges with a close friend or roommate. There may also be some discussion about money owed to a family member. Now you are asked to take sides, when you would rather be out of this discussion entirely. A calm head will be helpful in bringing this to a mutually acceptable conclusion.

Around the time of the full moon on September 10, you could meet a mentor or influencer. Dragon, this person's straightforward communication and easy-going nature compliment your big ideas. Together, you could build a business or boost your career up the ladder of success.

Family & Friends

Dragon, you can weather physical issues better than most. And the year of the water Tiger is no exception. Sometimes, though, extremes in your emotions can throw you out of whack. When you focus on being positive, your internal balance returns—and so does your health.

Around the new moon on March 31, you may find a new workout partner. Dragon, you might commit to walking every day with a friend or doing a marathon together. Now that you have an accountability partner, it is much easier for you to get up and out of the house.

There will be a solar eclipse on October 25. And Dragon, you may be doing something extreme like revamping the kitchen at this time. With the kitchen torn apart, you may find yourself indulging in too much take-out food. On the other hand, removing junk food and excess sugar from your pantry could lead to a happy Dragon.


The water Tiger year could bring some changes at your company or in your industry. Your job description might change, bringing you additional responsibilities. There could also be an increase in pay, but you will have to negotiate for it. It would be wise to consider whether it might be better to move on to another company. Knock on some doors, Dragon, and you'll be surprised how many open! There are more possibilities for you within your current industry than you may know. You might want to start by visualizing your perfect day, and then see which career options come close to that picture.

There's intense energy on April 30, with the solar eclipse putting you in the spotlight. You may be leading a meeting, or your team could be delivering an important project. Dragon, you may receive recognition on a much bigger scale. This could include a company-wide award, or a big jump in your subscriber/fan numbers.

The full moon on August 11 could bring an opportunity for an extraordinary partnership. This could be a person you met through a conference or networking meeting. They may have the skill set you've been looking for to help you with your passion project.

Around the time of the new moon on November 23, you may be choosing between what’s enjoyable to do and what pays a lot of money. Dragon, there's no need to be frustrated. Very soon, a new opportunity could be available in connection with your current job.


Past work on keeping your finances in order and keeping up with investment information really pays off this year. In this water Tiger year, you could have more than one big win. Dragon, your money derived from a business or career is particularly strong. But keep your eyes on the data and market fluctuations. Making choices using facts and analysis helps bring you success. Avoid making decisions based on wishful thinking.

The new moon on March 2 could connect you with a mentor or guide who helps you find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This person could give you a strong boost in your business, or write you a resume that gets you an excellent offer.

July 13 brings a full moon, and an opportunity for additional resources to help you pay down debt or fund a business idea. Your financial picture is looking more solid and balanced.