This year, the energy comes at you sideways—which is perfect for Snake! And this will allow you to take advantage of opportunities that other people miss. Fortunate circumstances will come out of nowhere. Random individuals will unexpectedly open doors for you. You may be in constant motion, pursuing one opportunity after another as people who recognize your talents and abilities come forward. This is a year of capitalizing on what you know and on the experience that you have been accumulating.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 begins the first of three seed-saving years in your 12-year cycle. The work of harvest is done, and now you sit in the center of abundance. This year, you can be in the right place at the right time. Something you've been working on for a long time suddenly takes off, and you become an “overnight” success. But this is also a year to carve out some time to rest. You need to build time off into your schedule, as others will take your time and energy whenever they can.

In the water Tiger year, you can find recognition for the work that you've been doing. You are easily seen, and this facilitates meeting important people. You could connect with new friends, a potential partner, and a well-regarded mentor.

Calendars, clocks, and the passage of time are important in 2022. It's necessary for you to examine the way you schedule yourself. Your days can be filled with worthwhile projects, or frittered away on mindless distractions.

Overall, the word for Snake is “reputation.” It’s time to show others your talents and abilities.


There's fortunate energy for Snake when it comes to your love life and relationships in general. You can find loyal and loving friends who will support and encourage you. A business partnership is also possible. For Snakes who are in a committed relationship, the year of the water Tiger shows better communication between the two of you. You appreciate each other, and there are more of those small romantic moments that make life fun. If you're looking for love, your personal magnetism is very strong. You could attract a person who makes your heart sing!

The solar eclipse on April 30 could bring a potential love match from an unexpected source. A close friend who's been trying to fix you up could convince you just in the nick of time. Snake, break free of your preconceived notions and be open to new possibilities. What might have been a difficult first impression could become an epic romance.

A June 28 new moon could bring a blossoming friendship with someone either much older or much younger than you are. You share a common interest and can help each other explore this hobby or pastime. It also helps that you have a similar sense of humor.

Around the new moon on September 25, you and your sweetheart are united over an important issue. Snake, your communication is improving, and you are learning to trust each other. The people you know are envious of your happy relationship.

Family & Friends

The water Tiger year can bring some health challenges for Snake, as you are sensitive to environmental and weather changes. Bouts of extreme heat or extreme cold can throw you off. Take precautions at home, and perhaps even get a backup generator just in case you lose power in a snowstorm.

There is a lunar eclipse on May 15. And around this time, you’re likely to be back in the gym doing things you like to do. You may feel stronger and more flexible than ever. Snake, this is an excellent time to take up a new exercise regimen or engage a personal trainer.

The new moon on November 23 brings a great deal of focus to your diet. As you enter the holidays, recognize that you may be tempted to overindulge. Snake, health success comes when you are aware of what you put on your plate.


You're quite empowered this year, Snake—especially in jobs that require creativity, design, or an ability to think outside the box. In this water Tiger year, you can gain more personal power within your company, and perhaps some notoriety within your industry as well. There could be an opportunity to speak at a conference or lead a multidisciplinary team. If you're in charge of the company, you'll find that most of the issues revolve around employee retention and finding good help. You may have some good luck with older, experienced workers. You could find some real gems!

There is a solar eclipse on April 30. At this time, a big announcement in your company or within your industry could have a lot of people looking to you for guidance. Snake, you may decide to lead the way by getting a different job, or even changing professions. In a few months, you'll see the benefits of your choices, and people will be amazed at your foresight.

At the October 9 full moon, a business opportunity could bring you a windfall. If you're looking to fund your business, there are more doors open for you now. If you have an employer, you may find that this person is open to talking to you about a raise or a better commission percentage.

Around the new moon on December 23, a project could land on your desk that you've been looking forward to for some time. Snake, you could actually have fun at work! Now you can gather a good team and do some excellent creative work.


In the water Tiger year, you're quite tempted to take more risks and venture into exotic or unusual investments. Testing the waters is okay, but be careful about overenthusiastic brokers who guide you toward options that are way out of your comfort zone. Career income is quite reliable this year. If you own a business, you could gain territory or have a financial win with a new product.

Money from career is a little better than usual around the February 16 full moon. But it could make an even bigger jump if you decide to change jobs this month. Snake, you can negotiate a higher salary or perhaps even a signing bonus.

The full moon on October 9 is a particularly positive time for your bank accounts. The check you've been expecting arrives, and there's the possibility of a secondary source of money. You have increased access to borrow money at good interest rates or expand your credit line.