The water Tiger year brings a much better year for Goat. You may have spent the last year tethered to an unfulfilling job or relationship, or perhaps you were stuck at home. But now, it's like you've been released into the Alps, with endless green mountains to climb and tender grass to eat! Still, this good news comes with some adjustments, as Tiger energy is very different for the gentle Goat. There will be some obstacles. Fortunately, there's no better climber than you are.

Year of the Rabbit is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 puts you in the middle of the three-year harvest period of your 12-year cycle. It's like the best time of autumn, when there's an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables pouring into your kitchen, storehouse, and barn. You have plenty for yourself, and more to give away to friends and family. The number of opportunities you receive this year could be staggering. Look for one job, and you might find three. Look for new love, and you may find many choices.

In the water Tiger year, you may notice new ways to create income. There can be opportunities for getting out of debt and creating passive income sources. This year, you have access to knowledgeable and helpful people.

Focus on investigating in 2022. Don't take things at face value. Instead, look underneath for what is really going on. You will see depth in conversations, and secrets will be revealed. Success comes when you see layers and connections.

Overall, the word for Goat is “resources.” You don't have to do things alone. Others will support you.


Relationships, in general, can be a little bumpy for Goat in 2022. There can be a separation, possibly due to a move or job change. A business partnership could be dissolved. You and a friend may grow apart as the physical distance grows between you. If you're already in a committed relationship, you're generally comfortable with your partner and weathering life's changes together.

But the best energy is for those Goats who are looking for love. The water Tiger year brings some extraordinary opportunities, and you're getting a lot of attention. A friendship could turn romantic very quickly. It’s likely you'll meet someone unusual, even eccentric, and they will create a little magic in your life.

At the new moon on May 30, you could have good fortune for finding love. If you're single and looking, consider reaching out to someone you're interested in. Be bold! Consider setting up a first date right away.

Around the time of the full moon on September 10, a miscommunication can have you second-guessing yourself. You may feel uncertain about a friend's actions. But don't push it, Goat: You’re unlikely to get reassurance or answers at this time.

At the lunar eclipse on November 8, you could make a big relationship decision involving you and your beloved. Goat, you may decide to live together or even to get engaged. But there are still some bumps in the road. There may be more than one family member who needs to be convinced that this is the direction in which you should go.

Family & Friends

Goat, you are generally healthy during the water Tiger year—with the exception of your usual sensitivities to pollen, smoke, or smog. There will be some days when you want to spend time indoors with an air purifier. But in general, 2022 is a good health year for you.

There will be a solar eclipse on April 30, and this energy has you revamping your health routines. Goat, you may be getting up an hour earlier to do some walking or hit the gym. You might also be blending health smoothies for your morning meal, or discovering a set of supplements that you find to be beneficial.

Around the full moon on September 10, Goat, your health should be improving. You are taking better care of yourself by prioritizing sleep. You could be redoing your bedroom, adjusting ambient light, controlling the temperature, or even getting a new mattress.


In the water Tiger year, Goat should have a much more satisfying career experience. Your position at work becomes much more secure. However, since you are growing, you may feel that the work is not as satisfying as it has been in the past. The good news is that there are opportunities if you want to go back to school or venture into a new field. There can be some surprise connections with people you've worked with in the past. Someone could come forward to show you a new opportunity that you never thought of before.

Things could fall into place around the lunar eclipse on May 15. It's a good idea to have clear goals, as this will facilitate making choices. There could be a new position with increased responsibility and a bigger paycheck. Or perhaps, Goat, you may choose to stay in your current position to give you more time off or a more flexible schedule.

There is a new moon on July 28, and you will be easily seen at this time. You might receive some notice from upper management for a job well done. A customer could send in a glowing review. Or you may receive positive attention for your business marketing campaign.

The time around the full moon on October 9 could be a very busy period, as you work behind the scenes on a big project. There are numerous resources available to you, Goat, that could help you if you ask. You might get an additional person for your team and delegate some tasks off of your schedule.


Your finances improve in 2022, as you look at creative cost-saving measures for your home and office. You may have some form of art or music that becomes a profitable venture this year. But the most important energy is the mindset shift occurring within you. This year, you can shift from scarcity thinking to abundant possibilities. Goat, this opens your mind to solutions and paves the way for opportunities you never could have found before.

The new moon on June 28 could bring a helpful financial expert to get you better insurance at a lower rate, or introduce you to a type of annuity to help you save for retirement. You're ready to take on new ideas.

The solar eclipse on October 25 could put you on a new financial track. Goat, you may start outsourcing things that you don't want to do. This frees you up for focusing on moneymaking activities. You may also gain a financial windfall at this time.