The water Tiger year is quite different energy for Rooster. You and the Tiger come from different worlds. But it's you who will need to adjust to new circumstances and ways of doing things this year. You might be tempted to complain of worldwide inefficiencies, poor management, or waste in general. But since it will be difficult to get the world to change, it’s better for you to focus on self-improvement instead. You're a natural leader—but this year, be a leader for yourself.

Year of the Tiger is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 brings you to the last year of your three-year seed-tending period. In your 12-year cycle, this is akin to the last bit of summer, when the farm is alive with tall, strong plants. What you started a few years back is really taking hold. Profits are beginning to roll in. Relationships are becoming stronger. Your presence in the community is felt. It's almost time for harvest. Now, you can lie down and rest for a moment as you wait for opportunities.

In the water Tiger year, it's good to consider how you could make your life incrementally better. You may be automating some tasks, delegating stuff you don't want to do, and eliminating the excess that's in your way. You're streamlining your daily life.

Mindfulness will also be important in 2022. Be aware of what triggers you and what pulls you into an emotional loop. You might consider journaling or meditation. You are learning more about yourself.

Overall, the word for Rooster is “planning.” Success is achieved one step at a time.


Most of your relationships are quite good in 2022. You can have meaningful connections with longtime friends and coworkers. Friends who are going through life changes may be leaning on you for help. Your reassurances and attention will be much appreciated. If you're in a committed relationship, you are valuing each other and moving toward a true partnership. But on the other hand, the single Rooster can find lovers who go from hot to cold to hot again. You may have to be very patient while the other person makes up their mind.

There is a solar eclipse on April 30. Now, after patiently waiting for someone to come around, you are the one being pursued. The person you've been interested in could now see you as utterly fascinating. Rooster, things could move very quickly! You might want to put the brakes on before you get swept away.

The full moon on August 11 is an excellent day to make a big show of affection with your sweetheart. You may want to book a romantic night on the town. Tonight, Rooster, PDAs are acceptable!

Around the new moon on November 23, a friend may bring you a problem to solve. They may have painted themselves into the proverbial corner, and now they need your advice to get themselves out. This could involve a secret affair. Be cautious, Rooster, or else you could get dragged into a love triangle.

Family & Friends

In the year of the water Tiger, you may find yourself getting less sleep than usual. This can be followed by periods of inactivity, where you feel restless but are too busy to fit in your usual favorite exercise. Rooster, you can tend toward extremes in your diet and activities, going from not paying attention to being really focused. This year, look for balance and try to find the middle ground.

By the lunar eclipse on May 15, you should be back on track, checking off your goals when it comes to your health. Rooster, you are feeling stronger. You may be involved in walks for charity, or community exercise activities like marathons.

Around the new moon on August 27, you can have some success related to health. Rooster, you could celebrate hitting a weight loss goal or a fitness milestone. Share your success with others, and you can be an inspiration!


You could be a hot commodity this year, Rooster, with someone trying to lure you to their department or even to another company. This can translate into higher wages for you. In the water Tiger year, your reputation for excellent work is helping you gain access to opportunities. If you own a business, you can see your profits steadily rising. In general, your career can go well. You might even have a little time that you can take off for vacation!

There is a lunar eclipse on May 15, and this is the time to consider your long-term goals. You may speak to a former colleague, who gives you ideas that you hadn't considered before. Rooster, you may find yourself caught in golden handcuffs. Perhaps you’re unsatisfied with your current position, but worry that you'll make less money if you move on. But you have incomplete information. It's time to look at what the world has to offer.

At the new moon on August 27, you could be traveling for work or attending a conference (in-person or online). Rooster, you could even position yourself to be a speaker at this event. If you own a business, this is the time to do marketing. You are likely to reach a wider audience.

December 7 brings a full moon where things will be flowing along nicely. A difficult coworker may be moving on to another job. Other obstacles and issues clear away like magic. Now, you have a clear road ahead to pursue your goals.


Rooster, 2022 could be one of your best financial years in some time. The focus is on passive income sources, or money that comes from a side business. While income from your career is steady, the real growth potential comes from things you do outside your career. This could include retail arbitrage, where you are finding items at a low price and selling them for a profit. This could be a fun and social project for you to be involved in.

The lunar eclipse on May 15 could bring gains through real estate or a family connection. An investment-savvy uncle, or your teenager who has mad tech skills, could help you make some extra money.

The new moon on December 23 shows the success. You are a good steward of your money, Rooster. And you're likely adding regularly to both your piggy bank and your brokerage account. Now you're starting to see real growth.