The energy heats up in 2022 with the year of the water Tiger! Rabbit, you may feel a desire to retreat, to stay home and put your feet up while the world races around you. From this vantage point of peaceful meditation, you'll be able to see opportunities that are worthy of your many talents. Additionally, you will meet interesting people who come to you with proposals and propositions. This year, you have choices.

Year of the Rabbit is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

2022 marks the last year of your 12-year cycle. For Rabbit, this is the year to let go of whatever you don't want to take with you into your new cycle. Consider cleaning out your closets, selling off the things in your storage units, and letting go of personal blocks through self-examination and meditation. With these activities, you create space for new opportunities. It’s time to make plans for the future.

You are both intuitive and creative, but you may have some skills that need to be honed. You're likely to take classes or online courses to help you with technology, communication, or health-related topics. You may pick up the guitar that you haven't touched in years, or resume the watercolor painting you used to do in college. You might even go back to school to finish your degree.

In 2022, Rabbit, others are your mirror. Look at the advice you would give to them, and recognize that it could also be a message for yourself.

Overall, the word for Rabbit is “heart.” Listen to your intuition—it knows the way.


There are excellent relationship opportunities for Rabbits during the year of the water Tiger. Others seek you out to make a connection. Social and business partnerships can be established very quickly. Many of these people are of the highest caliber, and will help you to up your game. Rabbits in a committed relationship could find your partner by your side more often than in previous years. There's more harmony between the two of you. If you're looking for love, a major connection can happen when you flirt with someone new.

There is a solar eclipse on April 30, and a close friend may need a shoulder to lean on at this time. They are going through some major life changes and have big decisions to make. What you might notice early on is that they are your mirror. And as you give them advice, you see your own path forward.

Around the time of the new moon on August 27, you and your sweetheart may have a serious discussion about the future. Rabbit, you could be looking at moving in together or making a joint investment. This may have seemed like a big step in the past, but now you find you're ready for a bit of adventure!

December 7 brings a full moon, and an opportunity to be pursued by someone who is utterly fascinated with you. They are not subtle in their appreciation of your good qualities. Rabbit, you may not be used to so much attention. But it would be okay for you to get to know this person better.

Family & Friends

For Rabbit, the water Tiger year brings more peace of mind, which aids in physical healing. When you get enough sleep and are able to be in a peaceful environment, you thrive. There will be occasions throughout the year when you may be bothered by allergies or excessive smoke in the air. You may want to consider getting an air purifier, or change out the filter in your existing one.

The full moon on March 18 brings new health possibilities through knowledge. Rabbit, you may come across some valuable information that solves a health problem you've had for a while. You may also be looking at how to add more nutrition to your meals through homemade soups.

There's a solar eclipse on October 25. And at this time, Rabbit, you may be instrumental in helping the entire family get healthier. You might be cooking together, or using a meal plan service that adds more organic choices into your life.


You might be itching for a change, Rabbit, but the energy has not lined up yet. There are possibilities for job changes in the future, though. You might transfer within the company to a position very much like what you have now. Big changes will come next year. What's important now is to make good contacts, create lasting connections, and explore your options. At the same time, there are many resources open to you around continuing education and one-on-one mentorship. Focus on planning and honing your skills. The water Tiger year is a time to map out your vocational strategies.

June 14 brings a full moon and the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities. But weigh this change carefully with your busy schedule in mind. Rabbit, you may want to have more time at home to work on your side business or spend more time relaxing with the family.

Around the time of the new moon on July 28, you could receive a large financial opportunity connected to your job. This could be related to a bonus, or working additional hours. A side business could also take off and show some real promise.

The solar eclipse on October 25 brings an opportunity that’s outside your comfort zone. You could get involved in a business project that’s much bigger than you expected. Your creative work could be noticed by many. Rabbit, this is an excellent time to get your resume ready, launch your art website, or put up a Facebook business page advertising your services.


Your usual conservative approach is ideal in the water Tiger year. As you count your pennies, you'll see your bank account balances rise. Additionally, you could see some money opportunities outside your comfort zone. You may be looking at investment software to help you make good financial decisions. Or you might consider moving into the financial sector in your career. Business income steadily grows, especially if you collaborate with a complementary business to multiply your marketing dollars.

The full moon on February 16 can give you a burst of confidence. Rabbit, this is an excellent time to negotiate a contract for employment or for a large purchase. At this time, you may have a financially abundant mindset that puts you on the path to wealth.

On September 10, the full moon could bring you a source of revenue from a creative endeavor. Rabbit, you might put together a business or sell off excess stuff for profit.