2018: Year of the Earth Dog

After last year's powerful year of the fire Rooster, you're ready to integrate all that change into positive action to get what you want out of life. From February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019, you'll get your wish in a big way, as the year of the earth Dog gets underway.

The element of earth will become very important to all signs this year, bringing more groundedness and stability. Where last year may have had you scrambling to keep up with all the opportunities coming your way, this year you get to settle into one or more of them, and start feeling confident and at ease.

If you're considering what you want to do during the year of the earth Dog, think about what you're building. From a new home to a solid career to a committed relationship and family, you've got all the bases covered! The earth element particularly helps the sign of the Rabbit find comfort. You will see progress almost every day as you work your way toward your dreams.

Dragons, Goats, and Roosters may find the slower pace of the Earth Dog a little difficult to adjust to. But the message for you is - slow down a little. Learn to relax and enjoy life. It's not all about constant accolades. The solar eclipse of February 15 asks that you rest on your laurels a little. You will benefit greatly from this practice.

Since the Dog is so independent and loyal, those born under the signs of the Horse, Tiger, and Ox can finally find someone to share their lives with romantically, rather than dating people who don't work out. You're more than just a pretty face, after all!

Signs that tend to focus on the accumulation of wealth, like the Rat and Pig, are finally rewarded for their hard work. If you feel you've been passed over for promotions and salary increases, that ends now.

Dog natives may find that doors magically open for them during this year. Friends return from the past, and they may have more than one lover competing for their attention. As always, you approach each situation with your trademark sincerity and grace.

Meanwhile, Snakes and Monkeys have a wealth of lessons to learn during the year of the earth Dog, especially around the solar eclipse of July 12. But each just strengthens you, and makes it so much more fun to be in your shoes.