If you’re a Dog native, this is your year! Your sign is primed and ready to take advantage of some amazing energy during the next 12 months.

Year of the Dragon is here! Find out what's in store for you!

The year of the earth Dog highlights dependability, building loyalty at work and in relationships, and certainly building material wealth.

The solar eclipse of February 15 sets the scene, bringing your attention to the relationships nearest and dearest to you. It’s a great time for family reunions, and getting the old gang together again, to swap treasured stories. You have so much going for you now that it’s hard to make a wrong move. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Your sign of the Dog is always popular when it comes to romance, but this year takes things even further for you.

If you’ve been dating and wanting to settle down, the time from fall through late winter is one of great possibility for you. Getting out there more, mingling, and trying to find places to meet new people pays off in a big way, and you could find yourself with the One before long.

Those already with someone have earned their partner’s trust, and are poised to make a major life leap forward before the end of the year.

Family & Friends

At home, Dog natives are some of the most fun. You love throwing small dinner parties, and including everyone in the intimate conversations you have.

This year is chock full of those, when you have a chance to throw and attend these gatherings. Though many may want an invite, you prefer to keep them to just a few people.

New friends and old alike connect over news of the day, and catching up on each other’s lives. If it’s been too long since you’ve seen your tribe, this year sets that all to rights. Movie night only adds to the fun at your place.


Your prodigious work ethic often makes you a target at work. Higher ups love that they can count on you to do a great job, and shirkers know they can hide out, and you’ll finish the job for them.

This year, however, as the earth Dog energy takes over, you’re ready to get what’s truly coming to you. Salary negotiations should happen by spring’s end, if possible, so you can talk about getting better projects, more money, and perks.

During the solar eclipse of August 11, you may even go a step further and look to expand your skillset, so you can ask for even more in the future.


The year of the earth Dog is, for your sign, about the accumulation of more money. Opportunities seem to arrive again and again, and doors open to the kind of money you may not have dreamed of before. Savings and spending remain about the same, but you’re able to put some away, and this makes all the difference.

Watching your money work for you is so prideful for a Dog, that you may get a little addicted to it. Not a bad problem to have. As finances get easier, treat yourself here and there. Your hard work has earned you a little ease.