Monkey natives like you are used to getting their own way in life. But during the year of the earth Dog, some of your challenges may revolve around having to form alliances with people you’d prefer to avoid.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

At work, you shine when you become a true team player, while in love, dropping your guard ever so slightly elevates you both. Your natural creativity shines during the winter months, when you could find that someone wants to pay you for your talents.

The adventures you have may be somewhat calmer than in other years, but ultimately much more rewarding. Friends and relatives are more important than ever.


When it comes to romance, Monkeys like to play the field. They may be serial daters, or just move from relationship to relationship until they find the right one.

But during the year of the earth Dog, you’re thinking about settling down. Try not to talk yourself out of a good thing. Even those already partnered up may find that getting closer involves a test of loyalty, which you both pass with flying colors.

During the spring and summer months, think about where you want to end the year together, and you just may get there in style. What you share pleases you both.

Family & Friends

The Monkey is one of the most social in the Chinese zodiac, and you’ve got to have your closest around you this year, when life may be moving a little too slowly for your taste.

Your loyal friends are the ones you always make time for, and the year of the earth Dog is no different. You may host small dinner parties for friends, old and new, or get together for some lively discussion on the issues of the day.

Don’t forget a little friendly gossip, too, which your sign is always happy to dish. Around the solar eclipse of February 15 is the perfect time.


During the lunar eclipse of July 27, think about where you are in your work. If you’re not where you want to be, stuck in a boring job or stale career, this is the perfect time for a change.

Though the year of the earth Dog may not have the go-go energy you prefer, its slow, steady growth makes it possible for you to make some major progress.

Asking for a raise should be done in spring, when the planets have your back in a big way. But make sure you’ve really earned what you’re asking for. A big ask is great, but you’ll be shot down if it’s outrageous.


Monkeys and finances don’t always go together. Not that you’re not good at it. It’s just way too time consuming to hold your attention.

But good news! Finding a little help saving and investing, especially, may enter your world through a financial planner, or a series of articles or books you read. It inspires you to want to do better, and use the Earth Dog energy to build your personal financial empire.

Think about brands you’ve been loyal to your whole life, and begin by investing there. Steady growth means stability, too. Make sure to deal with any financial paperwork around the middle of spring for best results.