During the year of the earth Dog, the Tiger may feel like life is going by in slow motion. You prefer things to be bigger, bolder, and more exciting.

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But this year comes with such joy and positive life lessons. You learn to relax a little, and open up to new people. You also learn how to let others take charge, even when you were born to lead.

The energy of the Dog teaches you to chill out a little more, let go of your famous temper, and enjoy life a little more. Friends, family, and mates become front and center as you have fun with relationships.


The Tiger has so much natural charm that it’s never difficult to find a dating partner, if you’re single, or deepen an existing romance.

This year may not be as a busy in the love department as last year, but the ones you’re attracting are sweeter, kinder, and a lot more loyal. Since loyalty is everything to a Tiger, you’re discovering that what you bring to the table has real value, too.

The bond you form with another is unbreakable this year, especially around the solar eclipse of August 11. As you get to know each other, you’re casting a spell together. Sincerity wins the day.

Family & Friends

Big, bold, and brash is your normal way but, this year, under the Earth Dog energy, you’re experimenting with quieter nights in, small dinner parties with friends, and kicking it Netflix and Chill style.

Reconnecting with old pals feels so good in a crazy world sometimes, and can help you blow off years of accumulated steam.

The lunar eclipse of July 27 highlights new relationships coming into your life. Whether they’re work mates or new friends, your innate sensitivity helps balance everyone with skill. Make more time this year to hang out without an agenda -- how freeing that feels sometimes.


Though your sign is used to be the one in charge, this year, as the Earth Dog takes over, you’re much more of a team player. And you may find that this makes it so much easier to come home without as much stress!

With everyone shouldering their share of the load, you discover new delegating skills you didn’t know you had, and can brag about them at your yearly review.

It’s a great time for entrepreneurs to launch new endeavors, especially around the solar eclipse of July 12. You make more money and get more perks when you ask for what you want.


Though the Tiger can be very decisive sometimes, when it comes to cash, that tends to get lost.

Good thing the year of the earth Dog is more slow and steady, so you can get caught up with needed financial paperwork and taxes, not to mention the research you’ve been meaning to do about your 401k. As you put money away, the pride you feel in planning for your future is immense.

In fact, you’re so pleased with how things are going financially this year that you may decide to reward yourself with a big-ticket purchase by the end of summer. You’ve more than earned it!