Usually, you don’t let things bother you, Rat. You’re too busy having a great time and making your goals come true. You’re driven like that

Year of the Rabbit is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

But during the year of the earth Dog, you may find that you’re more determined than ever to make some of your larger goals happen. You’ve put all the smaller steps into place, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Just as you know how to work hard, though, you also know how to play hard. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime vacation lets you blow off steam and celebrate the fruits of your labor.


Though Rat natives and Dogs aren’t always the best match in the world, you can use the sweet, loyal energy of the Dog to make what you have in your romantic life even better this year.

Learning how to say what’s on your mind, rather than keeping it inside, makes your partner so happy.

And if you’re single and looking for love this year, look to the lunar eclipse of July 27 as the perfect time to cozy up to someone you’ve had your eye on. You can make beautiful music together if you’re willing to let yourself be a little more vulnerable than usual.

Family & Friends

During the year of the earth Dog, Rat natives may find themselves undergoing a friend purge, as they see who’s really capable of having their back, and who’s not.

Though it may not always be fun, discovering who your loyal tribe is makes you feel pretty good inside. Though most of the people you hang out with tend to be from your working life,

The year of the earth Dog gives you new ways to connect with pals, through shared activities like fitness, reading, writing and other fun things to do. When you share yourself (not always comfortable for you), people love you for it.


Your sign of the Rat is one of the most hardworking signs in the Chinese zodiac, and you often have the cash to show for it.

This year is even more driven by what you’re building. On the job, you’re cultivating tons of great relationships, and showing higher-ups what you can do.

Use the powerful energy of the solar eclipse on August 11 to advance your plans even further. Also try to let go of perfectionism. Your natural skill set is only growing, and impressing tons of people along the way! Ask for a raise, promotion, or both around the lunar eclipse of July 27.


On a bad day, your sign of the Rat is still very good with money. You understand how it works, and the value of putting in long hours.

But during the year of the earth Dog, you begin to see new progress in these realms, which makes you very happy indeed. Security builds as the result of shrewd investments around the solar eclipse of July 12, when you could find you are surpassing a personal best, or are just killing it when it comes to cash flow.

You may find that friends and family members start coming to you for your advice before long!