Though you try to get along with everyone you meet, blending in with the crowd, the Goat and the Dog aren’t the greatest mix of energies.

Year of the Rabbit is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Hence, the year of the earth Dog may take some getting used to. Your native creativity will be on full display this year, as you make new opportunities for yourself in and out of the workplace.

Relationships soar around mid-year, when you finally can’t hold your feelings in anymore. Thankfully, they’re returned, and the sky’s the limit! Friends, family, and other loyal cohorts pick you up when things are challenging, and get you back on your feet.


Your love life has been up and down in recent years, as you struggled to get to know yourself a little better.

This year, you’re poised and ready to do some serious settling down with the right person.

Single Goats love to let their partners lead, but this year you’re also experimenting with speaking your mind a little more when it comes to love. From online dating to old fashioned romantic nights on the town, it’s a fun year filled with chances to connect. The solar eclipse of February 15 gets the year off to a good start, and provides you with some added confidence.

Family & Friends

Your sign’s reserve may put some people off. But you know who your real friends are, Goat.

During the year of the earth Dog, the notion of loyalty comes up again and again. Who’s really got your back, and who can’t be counted on? Luckily, you discover that you have lots of friends. Holding your best friends close means hanging out more, going traveling together and taking fun, spontaneous trips.

You may even spend some time with buddies from the past, and reconnect anew. It all adds up to a year that teaches you about intimacy, and how to keep the ones most important to you happy and healthy.


During the lunar eclipse of July 27, Goat natives find out some tricky news at work. Whether you must stay late to finish a project, or are just not going to get that raise you feel you deserve, resentment may crop up. Rather than letting it ruin your year, it’s time to hatch a new plan to get positive attention for your labors.

The year of the earth Dog asks you to show your loyalty to the company in new and creative ways. Taking lead on a project around June and July helps higher-ups know you’re serious about sticking around, and yields results by year-end.


Goats are known for their creativity and, this year, you’ll have plenty of chances to show it. One way is your financial life, which grows throughout the fall months especially.

The solar eclipse of August 11 sets the stage for making more money at work, but possibly starting a sideline occupation online. You’re so clever you can make it happen without a hitch.

Rather than hoping for a lottery win, combining your natural skills with marketing smarts means you’ll reach more people, even while you sleep! Rake in the dough by the end of the year, when others may be looking jealously at your bank balance.