Pig natives love to be the reliable one in the family or group of friends, and this year is no different. You’re often the focal point at gatherings, or the one everyone turns to in times of strife.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

But during the year of the earth Dog, you’re also able to feel a little calmer and more centered in your own life, even if the world seems a little crazy outside.

Love and money enjoy small, meaningful shifts, but it’s your friends and family who remain devoted. Community, too, is an important facet of this year, and gives back to you immensely.


When it comes to love, Pig natives have got it going on. You're sweet, chivalrous, and polite when you first meet someone new, and it usually comes right back to you.

This year, trouble in an existing relationship may have you wondering if it might be better to take a break. Around the Solar Eclipse of August 21st, you begin to see some of the cracks in the foundation of what you have. Rather than freaking out, try to build trust and communication.

Single Pigs prefer fewer great friends and dating partners, but you may find someone who surprises you, and asks you to go deeper. Leave your inhibitions behind.

Family & Friends

Though someone could test your loyalty this year, it’s not you they need to worry about. During the year of the earth Dog, you may find that some of your social networks just aren’t bringing much to the table.

If a social purge is in order, look to the months of late spring and beyond as great times to do this. No need to be judgmental, you’ve just drifted apart over time.

Meanwhile, friends from your past reappear on the scene, making you laugh all over again. Late nights at your place or theirs connect you in a sweet and happy way.


During the year of the earth Dog, you may be a little itchy at work. An independent streak may have you thinking about jumping ship at your current place of work, or even launching your own business venture.

The Dog energy asks that you consider doing so with a friend or partner who can take some of the onus off you.

If you choose to stay, the solar eclipse of August 11 encourages you to shine a light on all of your accomplishments. Being shy about them won’t make your case for a better salary and perks. Rewards come when you decide to ask for what you’re worth.


You love to gain new information about something, and then master it. During the year of the earth Dog, that new thing may be how to make more money and then grow it into something impressive.

Though your sense of responsibility is great, who or what are you being responsible to? If the answer is anything less than yourself, it’s time to weed out financial planning that doesn’t suit your ultimate goals.

By fall, you’re ready to begin reaping the rewards of your shrewd investments. Dividends can be reinvested, or spent on fun new vacations or items you’ve had your eye on for some time.