Your sign of the Rabbit is the best match for the Dog, and the two of you get along famously. During the year of the earth Dog, every aspect of your life stands to benefit. The solar eclipse of July 12 acts like a launch pad to put your goals and dreams into the Universe.

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From new relationships to progress at work and in your personal life, it’s a great year to build stability. Even your financial situation gets a boost from the earth element, and you can see your funds grow through careful decision-making. Let a little of your normal reserve go, and have fun this year!


You’re so used to being a wallflower that it may surprise you when someone confesses their undying love for you this year.

If you’re single and looking for something new, it’s a great time to explore romantic nights under the stars, and fun activities you can do together. Your normal sensitivity may be heightened this year, but don’t worry. You’re becoming so much stronger when it comes to speaking your mind in matters of the heart.

Relationships flourish when you allow yourself to make goals and stick to them, no matter what. You deserve nothing less than true happiness across the board.

Family & Friends

The Rabbit isn’t the most social sign in the zodiac. You prefer small, quiet gatherings over loud parties where you can’t hear yourself think.

During the year of the earth Dog, you’re reconnecting with friends from your past in a big way, and finding certain family members fun to hang out with, too. As you get to know each other all over again, you may find that no time at all has passed, and you’re free to pick up where you left off.

Though your loyalty may be tested, you know where you stand, and what you’re willing to put up with, when it comes to your social life.


Your natural organizational skills come in handy this year, so much so that you could even make a business out of them.

Though Rabbits aren’t usually the entrepreneurial type, the solar eclipse of July 12 gives you a push to see if you can create a new stream of income.

Those already employed find that this year is about slow, steady growth to making their career dreams come true. You may not grab the corner office right away, but each day that passes lets others see how hard you work and deserving of a raise, promotion and/or additional perks you are. You’ve earned every penny.


Your excellent organizational skills also apply when it comes to your finances. As the year of the earth Dog gets underway, you have every opportunity to increase your net worth.

Though you prefer to stick to the conservative side of investing, you may be talked into taking a teeny bit more risk with some of your money. Diversifying allows you to spend more on big items like a new home, or even renovate the one you have now, increasing its value.

Look to the solar eclipse of August 11 as a wonderful time to take stock of your holdings, and determine what’s performing, and what needs to go.