Since your sign of the Dragon and the Dog don’t normally get along, this may be a year of adjustments for you.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

You just want things faster and more dynamically than the slower energy the Dog can provide. But if you use your energy to learn new skills such as patience, compassion, and self-care, you’ll rise to the top, the way you always do.

Your health especially needs attention around the solar eclipse of July 12, when it’s easy to burn out from too much work, and not enough play. Try to build some healthy “you” time away from it all, to rest and recharge.


Normally, you like to take the bold route when it comes to love and romance, Dragon, preferring to say what’s on your mind, and let the chips fall where they may.

But under the year of the earth Dog, your go-to moves may be stymied. Loyalty comes into play in all your relationships, but especially in love this year.

Whether you’re learning to trust again after a bad breakup, or just want to make sure your union has what it takes, give yourself the time you need to get closer, or let this one fall by the wayside. Partnerships bloom in the second half of the year.

Family & Friends

While you’re used to taking charge, and being the center of your large group of friends, this year brings smaller gatherings, and intimate times with only your closest pals.

Though a part of you may miss big, loud parties, you’re loving this new world, too. New friends come through old friends, and vice versa, and you may find that reconnecting with those from your past has incredible benefits.

It feels great to know you’re so loved and appreciated by all. During the lunar eclipse of July 27, think about throwing a shindig all your own, and getting to know your neighbors.


This year, as the earth Dog takes over, you’re feeling good about the changes you made last year. Though it may seem like a slower year, you’re actually achieving a lot.

Projects that have your stamp of approval are gaining attention, and those higher up the ladder are noticing what you bring to the table. Negotiate salary increases and better perks toward the end of summer through early fall for best results.

If your ambition kicks in, the months of mid-to-late spring provide all the impetus you could ever need to make your case to your boss, or leave to start your own venture with like-minded partners.


Your sign of the Dragon loves to have money, but isn’t always great when it comes to saving it.

As you adjust to the slower pace of the year of the earth Dog, see if you can set up an automatic plan to deduct a portion of your salary to go directly to savings. What you don’t know about can’t hurt.

Though thinking about or even reading up on investing may bore you to tears, planning for your future bears excellent results by year end. Take pride in all you’re accomplishing. Staying loyal to one strategy is the way to make your money work for you.