Everyone knows what a charmer you are, and this goes double during the year of the earth Dog. You set up the year by making strong intentions, and even visualizing what you want. From that point forward, watch out!

Year of the Rabbit is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

When you get together with the Dog, you both benefit. Partnerships are highlighted around the solar eclipse of August 11, and you may find that it’s tough to keep a new relationship under wraps anymore.

Why bother? You’re happier when you’re together, anyway. Self-improver though you are, you’re also mastering new skills like resilience, courage and renewed energy. Just make sure you get your beauty sleep each night!


You can be a real man or lady killer, Snake, and this year is no different. Though you may have fewer catches, if you’re in the market, the ones you’re attracting are kinder, sweeter, and more loyal overall.

No need to make grand gestures. The simplicity of the year of the earth Dog demands only that you be your true self in love and romance. Even if that means rocking the boat sometimes, speaking your mind in a true yet compassionate way wins every time.

Romantic nights may get crazy passionate around the months of September and October, so get ready!

Family & Friends

For Snakes, social life may be as much about the time you spend with yourself as it is with others. You prefer your own company sometimes, and are completely cool with that.

But this year, under the Earth Dog energy, you’re moved to form deeper unions with some of the people who’ve been in your life. From relatively new friends to old pals from your neighborhood, it’s the quality of your friendships now, not the quantity.

This means more fun can be had with shared pursuits like hiking, biking, and vacationing, not to mention fun activities like volunteering your time and money to charity.


Your sign of the Snake is known for your work ethic and ability to get ahead on the job.

During the year of the earth Dog, things may appear to be moving very slowly from the outside, but you’ve got a plan and you’re sticking to it. Late summer and early fall provide the perfect times to show others what you’re made of, attracting new clients, pushing projects along the pipeline and generally outshining those around you.

Don’t let anyone steal your thunder when it comes to closing a deal, either. Proving your loyalty to the company begins with yourself, and loyalty to your own contributions.


You’re just as a dependable as the Dog when it comes to money, so it’s no doubt that you’ll get ahead financially during the year of the earth Dog.

The element of Earth connects you with all you’re trying to build, whether it’s paying down debt, or constructing your nest egg. Learning how to save isn’t your problem, but following others’ instructions may be.

Go your own way when it comes to investing your funds, and you may even see better results than expected. The solar eclipse of February 15 begins a period of fortune you haven’t seen in some time. Enjoy it to the fullest.