Your sign of the Horse gets along very well with Dogs, so under the year of the earth Dog, you’re poised to make tons of progress across all areas of your life!

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Your dependability is legendary, but if a friend has been taking advantage, it’s time to have a gentle yet firm talk about boundaries around the lunar eclipse of July 27. You can only pick someone up so many times before it gets old.

Luckily, your personal goals, like better health and wellbeing, not to mention fitness, are getting a boost come early spring. You’re hard to beat when you apply your energy.


Everyone loves to hang out with you, Horse, and you may find that you have more than one person competing for your heart this year.

If you’re single and newly dating, or still looking for the right one, the solar eclipse of August 11 shines a light on the right person.

If you’re currently married, expect good news on a new step you’re taking together by the end of fall. Building trust may not always be easy, but this year it’s the key to making what you have work. You may find a unique way to spend romantic nights, too, reading to each other from sexy texts.

Family & Friends

Everyone loves to hang out with your sign of the Horse, due to your fun-loving lifestyle and quick wit.

During the year of the earth Dog, you may not be adding as many new friends to your posse as usual, but the ones you keep close are there for life. Reconnecting with pals from your past is eye-opening around the solar eclipse of July 12, when no time at all seems to have passed.

Who knew you would end up being friends for life? Probably you, but who’s counting? Your hobbies, especially, yield new buddies to hang around with, doing the things you love best.


The expression “workhorse” was coined with you in mind, because of your staunch work ethic and independent streak.

You may not always be a team player, but learn to do better at this during the year of the earth Dog. Money becomes a big issue at work this year, particularly during the fall months. So, if you feel you’re not being paid what you’re worth, ask for more!

You’re also thinking along entrepreneurial lines, so if having your own business seems like a dream come true, put the plans together around the lunar eclipse of July 27, when you have more support.


You love to plan out your life, Horse, and this year’s best laid plans revolve around your financial life. The stability and comfort you crave are finally within your reach, after the go-go energy of last year.

Now, it’s time to put your research to work and get investing. It may sound boring on the surface, but when your money’s working for you, it’s an amazing feeling. Proving your loyalty to yourself and your future begins around January, when early tax planning saves you tons. Consulting a financial advisor may also be in your stars, as expert advice can take you even further into financial security.