Virgo Celebrities

What does a Virgo celebrity have in common with their peers? Precise, thoughtful, and with unrivaled attention to detail, Virgo celebrities know how to memorize all their lines. Learn more about your favorite Virgo birthdays.

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Kobe Bryant

August 23 | virgo
A basketball legend known for the charm he used on the court, this confident Virgo provided entertainment for his fans off the court, as well. Ultimately, he was the anchor that kept the Lakers grounded but the best in the league, Virgo-style. Photo: Keith Allison

Niall Horan

September 13 | virgo
If anyone embraces the Virgo quality of “lifelong friend,” it’s Niall Horan. The former One Direction boy band member is said to be the only one still in contact with all his old bandmates. Photo: Walterlan Papetti  


September 08 | virgo
Confident in her creative direction and sensual in her performances, this songstress is a Virgo through and through.

Rupert Grint

August 24 | virgo
Certainly the charmer on the set of Harry Potter in his younger days, this Virgo is often described as just a happy guy—witty, entertaining, and a lifelong friend. Photo: Paul Bird 

Salma Hayek

September 02 | virgo
As one of the most beautiful and sophisticated women in the world, it’s easy to have that Virgo nonchalant glamor. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Sean Connery

August 25 | virgo
Oh, those Virgo good looks! The original James Bond is full of entertaining wit, charm, and nonchalant glamor both on and off-screen. Photo: Mieremet, Rob/Anefo

Shania Twain

August 28 | virgo
This country songstress embraces the Virgo qualities of avoiding negativity and living a life of old-fashioned virtue. Photo: Zoltán Szabó

Tim Burton

August 25 | virgo
The Virgo perfectionist mentality is great for film artists like director Tim Burton, who use that work ethic to create cinematic masterpieces. Photo: Georges Biard

Wiz Khalifa

September 08 | virgo
This lowkey rapper lives like a more mellow Virgo—no uptight perfectionism here! Photo: Thecomeupshow


August 01 | virgo
This model/actress/dancer/singer/all-around incredible Virgo is a self-described perfectionist—no wonder she’s so successful! Virgos tend to hold themselves to high standards. Photo: Glenn Francis