The Sign You Should Date, Based on Your Moon Sign


On March 22, 2021

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The Sign You Should Date, Based on Your Moon Sign

When it comes to astrological matchmaking, one of the first things astrologers look for is moon sign compatibility. The way the sun and moon signs in partners’ charts are key indicators as to whether the relationship will last.

It’s all based on element compatibility. For example, if you have a fire sign moon, you would work well with a person who has a fire sign sun. However, you would work best with someone who has the same sun sign as your moon sign. For example, a Leo moon-Leo sun match up would be bliss.

Want to know if your relationship is a match in astrological heaven? Here are all the moon sign meanings and the best sun signs to pair up with.

What Is a Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is determined by where the moon is at the time of your birth. This sign in your chart represents your emotions, intimate details, and how you give (and like to receive) love from others.

What Is My Moon Sign?

Excellent question. You can figure this out by taking a look at your birth chart. To help figure this out, use our easy moon sign calculator. We don’t have a moon sign calculator, but you can easily find your moon sign with our free birth chart calculator!

Now that you know your moon sign, find out how which moon signs you are most compatible with below!

moon sign compatibility

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Aries Moon Sign

When the moon is in Aries, things move fast—so, you’d expect those born with this moon sign to be the same. Those born when the moon is in the sign of the Ram are adventurous, driven, and enthusiastic when it come to their love life. You go after what you want with confidence. You get along well with an energetic Aries, extroverted Leo, or gregarious Sagittarius sun sign.

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Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus moon signs have a great deal of emotional strength, but you can also be stubborn and cautious. Your perfect partner may not have to be magazine-cover beautiful, but they do have to take the best possible care of themselves. You get along best with another Taurus, discriminating Virgo, or organized Capricorn sun sign.

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Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini moons are versatile and somewhat reckless, which means you tend to be a flirt. You also like to change partners quite often, so marriage and long-term relationships may not be part of your love plan. You’re happiest with a kindhearted Libra, eccentric Aquarius, and of course, a Gemini sun sign.

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Cancer Moon Sign

If your moon sign is Cancer, you’re emotional by nature and possess a strong understanding of others’ feelings, making the love bonds you form deep and intense. Cancer suns naturally understand you, and therefore make excellent partners, as do sensitive Pisces and deeply passionate Scorpio sun signs.

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Leo Moon Sign

If you’re a lunar Leo, you go after what (and who) you want. You rarely pass up an opportunity to potentially meet your soul mate. As an eternal optimist, you’re always willing to try again, even if your last relationship was an epic failure. An aggressive Aries, enthusiastic Sagittarius, or a limelight-loving Leo sun sign keeps your fire burning.

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Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo moons are less emotional than other signs. You have a heart, but you tend to look at things from an analytical perspective rather than following your feelings. You’re a very loyal partner, however. Your ideal other half is most likely an efficient Taurus, conservative Capricorn, or a Virgo sun sign.

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Libra Moon Sign

Libra moon signs are idealistic and gracious. You’ll do almost anything to keep the peace. Your love life can be unpredictable due to your indecisiveness, but if you partner up with another fair-minded Libra, quick-witted Gemini, or unconventional Aquarius sun sign, you have a good chance of finding true love.

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Scorpio Moon Sign

If Scorpio is your moon sign, your emotions run deep. Yes, you’re jealous and quick-tempered, but you’re also one of the most loyal and strong-willed signs. A powerful fellow Scorpio, quiet and sensitive Cancer, or creative Pisces is your ideal sun sign match.

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Sagittarius Moon Sign

If you’re a lunar Sagittarius, you have a cheerful, optimistic approach to love. You’re friendly and honest, so you meet potential love interests easily. Leo definitely gets you best, as do risk-taking Aries and enthusiast Sagittarius sun signs.

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Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn moons are self-disciplined and almost rigid when it comes to love, but you crave sensitivity and understanding from your mate. You look at things from a practical standpoint. A Cap sun makes an ideal match for you, as does stable Taurus or logical Virgo sun signs.

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Aquarius Moon Sign

Intellectual and independent, Aquarius moons love their freedom. You’re also perceptive and logical. You’re rarely caught living in a fantasy world when it comes to love. You’re most compatible with a communicative Gemini, extroverted Libra, or Aquarius sun signs.

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Pisces Moon Sign

Calm and gentle, Pisces moons like to build an intimate relationship based on trust. You can be wishy-washy and somewhat impressionable. A sympathetic, sensitive Cancer, intense Scorpio, or a creative Pisces sun sign makes the most positive impression on you.

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