Element Compatibility: Will It Be True Love?

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On August 4, 2021

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Element Compatibility: Will It Be True Love?

Our element plays a big part in our ability to get along with others—particularly our loved ones. Are you and bae a natural match or a near-disastrous pair? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. (Hint: if you want to know even more about your compatibility, talk to an astrologer!) Check out if your elements are opposing energies below.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire and Fire

fire fire

This is a very combustible combination that makes any relationship very intense. One minute there is passion, the next fiery arguments, clashes of will, and ego battles. But there is also no malice. They don’t hate each other for speaking the truth. Neither partner will be bored. On the whole, they energize each other which is good.

Fire and Earth

fire earth

This is a very steady combination as long as there are enough interests to sustain them. Earth channels the dynamic nature of fire, but the fiery partner may tire of the earthy one. On a positive note, it could be very creative. Fire won’t take to a predictable routine. Earth won’t like too many changes. Frustration may cause tension.

Fire and Air

fire air

These two just don’t know when to stop. The air partner stokes up the fire, leaving them both over-excited and worn out with nothing to show for their efforts. This combination is not grounded at all. Both partners may end up getting spaced out and suffer from all kinds of strange maladies that are mainly due to their inability to grow roots.

Fire and Water


This is another strange blending. If other factors are in alignment, they may agree to disagree. But if not, it could be hard to reconcile the differences here. The fiery partner will find the watery partner too emotionally draining. The water partner may act as a dampener to the fire’s spirit.

Earth and Air

earth air

These two combine practicality with intellectual acumen. It can work if both partners are prepared to be a team. If the relationship is productive it can be very healthy, but if the airy or intellectual partner starts criticizing the other, it will get the earthy partner down. Air may get frustrated with earth’s slower pace.

Earth and Earth

earth signs

These two may find great comfort in each other. They understand where each is coming from and know what turns the other on—and off. They can potter along at their own pace and tend to move through life steadily. This can be a very soothing and calming combination that promotes inner peace. Problems may arise if one or both are pessimistic—then they can drag each other down.

Earth and Water

earth water

This is a great blend of energies that can work well and promote a healthy and balanced partnership. Water soothes and replenishes the earth, and earth channels the water. This can be a very creative combination that makes a great team. The compatibility between the two suggests they are good for each other and their well-being may improve in each other’s company.

Water and Water

water signs

This combination can either be very good or very bad. As water represents the emotions, then two water signs can either lift each other up and allow the relationship to thrive, or they can drag each other down due to wallowing in negativity. Outlook is everything. This blend of energies could inspire fabulous chemistry, or the absence of it.

Water and Air

While water likes to be left to its own devices and flow gently along in its own time and rhythm, air will want to create movement and stir things up. These two may end up not liking each other that much. What seemed exciting could descend into an intense emotional standoff, and it could keep happening over and over again like those frequent squalls out at sea.

Air and Air

These two can talk endlessly for hours and get nowhere. They can whisper sweet nothings and yet fail to move each other’s hearts. This blend of energies may not be so good because the two of them could exhaust each other with non-stop chat, gossip, and sarcastic comments. There is little constancy here and neither will flourish as well as they could on their own.

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