Capricorn Singles Horoscope

Stay motivated to find your perfect match!

The sun starts the year in your sign (and spends a week there again at the end of December), so you can take advantage of your overwhelming sense of accomplishment and self-confidence right away. When you look at all you've accomplished in the past year, you know you're a catch and anyone would be lucky to have you. Your biggest problem will probably be finding someone you consider your equal. Look for other Capricorns or Virgos. You get along best with earth signs who share your focus and attention to detail.

Venus enters Taurus at the start of May, which is an energy you can appreciate. You're both seeking security and are forward-thinking when it comes to love, so the future looks bright for new relationships, starting now. The one thing to avoid during this transit, though, is holding on to the wrong person (or the right person for the wrong reasons). Your stubbornness is cranked up a few notches, so you might cling to "winning" even though deep down you know that you don't really want the prize.

Mercury enters your sign at the very end of the year, giving you at least a couple days to handle communication on your own terms. You like to keep messages short and to the point and don't see a lot of reason for flowery language or excessive flirting. This can be something of a turnoff if you're mostly communicating via text or DM because it's hard to convey tone when you can't hear voices or see faces. Keep in mind that sarcasm is especially hard to get across in written form!