Gemini Singles Horoscope

Your love life gets a lot of help from the universe in 2019!

Venus rules matters of the heart and she forms a positive conjunction with lucky Jupiter in adventurous Sagittarius at the end of January, which helps get your love life off to a great start. This favorable transit indicates that beautiful things (and people) will be attracted to you, Gemini! Relationships are the focus now, and your inner beauty is evident. You won't have any trouble getting a date or maybe even meeting your next long-term love. Always be ready for romance. It could be around the next corner.

A sun-Venus conjunction in dramatic Leo could light up your love life in the middle of August. When these two bodies meet, it puts the focus on love, relationships, and how they're linked through creativity. There's no denying that Leo has dramatic flair, so there will be ways you can attract new people using creative, innovative methods. You aren't shy during this transit, and calling attention to yourself is one of your favorite pastimes. Start with a friendship and work your way up from there.

The last of Mercury's retrograde cycles occurs for most of November in penetrating Scorpio, at which point most of your reasoning skills abandon you for emotional intensity. We won't use the word "obsession," but is it possible you're just a little too preoccupied with someone you like?! You want to find out every detail about them, but stop short of invading their privacy. Public social media posts are fair game, however.