Cancer Singles Horoscope

Do you feel like you're better as part of a couple than you are on your own? It's true that you're very content when you're in a relationship, but don't sell yourself short, Cancer. There's a difference between being alone and being lonely, and you can be quite fine flying solo in 2019.

However, a Venus-Saturn conjunction in logical Capricorn in February can leave you feeling isolated despite your efforts to remain optimistic. It might feel like the whole world is partnered up except for you, which can be really discouraging. Meeting someone new now is possible, but the timing isn't great. Don't reach out to the wrong types of people out of desperation, Cancer. You're better than that! Hookups can be cold and meaningless, which isn't your style at all. Good things come to those who wait. You'll have your turn.

Neptune retrograde can bring some disillusionment in the summertime, especially if you've been avoiding a certain romantic situation because you don't want to deal with the reality of it. There's kind of nowhere to hide when Neptune leaves its dreamy direct state, so get ready to face it head-on. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes, and maybe even awkward. But you'll feel so much better after it's over.

Venus enters Sagittarius in November, which is optimistic for your love life, but it still doesn't have that intimate energy you're looking for. This will be a time when you can find someone to go on great adventures with, but will it end in true love? Maybe not. You can have a whole lot of fun together, though, Cancer, and that isn't always easy to find. Having a partner in crime is exciting and entertaining for sure, so just hang on loosely and enjoy the ride until you decide to go your separate ways.