Leo Singles Horoscope

You get from love what you put into it this year, Leo.

Mercury has three retrograde cycles - in March, July, and November, but before they strike and mess up your communications, there's a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in practical Capricorn in mid-January that could lead to some deep thinking. If there are any troubling romantic issues you want to get to the bottom of, this is the time to do it. If you can't handle things on your own, consulting a professional (counselor, pastor, etc.) can be a very helpful way to figure out matters of the heart.

Remember that quick-talking Mercury enters your outgoing sign in August, so you shouldn't have any problems talking to people you want to get to know better (or asking them out). You have a gift for flirting and your look at "me" vibe is very charming. You might not always know exactly the right thing to say, but your verbal confidence allows you to shine in most situations.

There's an autumnal equinox at the end of September you can look forward to, not only for its renewing properties but also for its overall positive effect on your love life. Autumn is synonymous with harvest time, and so it makes sense that you, too, have the chance to reap what you've sown. In most cases, this will be positive (think of the time you've put in trying to impress someone!), but it can also have negative connotations, too, Leo. If you didn't put in the work the rest of the year, you might be regretting your inaction right about now!