Aquarius Singles Horoscope

The eternal dilemma: Should you stay single or try to find your soul mate?

You have a new moon in your sign to look forward to at the beginning of February, which has excellent implications for your love life. Someone you meet now could be the next big thing! Go left instead of right. Take the long way home or try a different route altogether. Change is good, and meeting new people in a different way than usual can lead to a special romance. Dating against type is perfect right now, Aquarius. Close your eyes and expect the unexpected!

A Venus-Jupiter retrograde opposition at the end of June has playful energy, and even if you don't have anything specific to celebrate, you'll probably find yourself getting together at friends' houses or having parties at your place. You're a social butterfly, and meeting other singles is easy for you all summer long. Once you stop looking for your soul mate, you'll probably find him or her! Or just sit back, relax, have some good food and drinks by the pool and let them come to you when they're ready!

Venus moves into your sign in late December, which is when you start to think less about relationships and more about your freedom. You've always been the independent type, but you might have spent a lot of the year kind of wishing you were in a relationship. By the end, though, you realize that you're totally fine on your own. You've no doubt had a lot of fun and dated a lot of cool people, but there's still plenty of time to experiment. Maybe staying single isn't so bad!