Virgo Singles Horoscope

Hold the drama! Your 2019 love life thrives under normal circumstances.

Your ruler Mercury forms a conjunction to deep-thinking Pluto in detail-oriented Capricorn in the middle of January, so you're very focused on self-analysis and growth. If you're having romantic issues that have been hard to understand or work out on your own lately, asking for help is a good option. Counselors and other professionals can be very helpful during this challenging time. You might also be able to find out what you need to know through independent research and investigation, too, because right now you're very good at separating love from logic.

Mercury spends time in patient Taurus at the start of May, so you won't be as restless waiting to find out if the other person swiped right! All communications take on a much more traditional approach, so you could opt for talking on the phone or (gasp!) face-to-face rather than sending texts or DMs. Use your common sense, Virgo, because you have a lot of it. Is someone not responding to you because they don't like you, or is it possible something got in the way of their reply reaching you? Don't take everything personally, especially if there's a logical explanation for it.

Meeting someone new is exciting during the new moon in your sign at the end of August, especially if you meet under normal everyday circumstances. You might feel a mutual attraction with someone you work with or meet an attractive stranger in the grocery store. Some couples have these huge, dramatic "how we met" stories, but that probably won't be you, at least not this year. And that's okay. You're happy to keep things low-key (but still interesting).