Sagittarius Singles Horoscope

What's the key to romance in 2019? Keep it simple.

Most Archers like their freedom, but spending every night alone can get old. The great news is that there's a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your sign at the end of January that marks a great time for falling in love. Everything seems just a little easier than usual, and people are naturally drawn to your outgoing personality. You're an interesting person, of course, Sag, but it's more than that. Dating and romance are easy and casual right now, just how you like it.

The sun and Venus meet in Leo in the middle of August, at which point your romantic creativity is highlighted. Planning adventurous dates is your thing, and you do a great job at it! You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time, so how much a date costs isn't as important as how much laughter it produces. Feeling comfortable with someone new is easier when you have an easy time talking about things, so have some trivia ready just in case you need help getting the conversation started.

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because love goddess Venus doesn't enter any retrograde periods this year, so the romantic energy stays upbeat and positive. The mood is passionate but open-minded when Venus is in fire signs like yours, and when she enters your sign in early November, love can be a great learning experience. You love to learn about new people, so dating is actually fun for you. You'll have your share of bad experiences, like everyone else, but that's life. You'll have fun meeting new people even if romance isn't the result.