5 Love Tarot Spreads (and Love Tarot Cards)

By Katie Robinson

On May 4, 2021

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5 Love Tarot Spreads (and Love Tarot Cards)

For tarot readers, it’s no surprise when a client comes in looking for a love tarot reading. But what if we told you that you could bypass the whole process and get a free love tarot reading by pulling your own cards? Just pick up your tarot deck, shuffle, and draw cards from a love tarot spread below.

(Don’t know where to start? Here are some tarot tips for beginners.)

1) Relationship Tarot Spread

This spread is perfect for taking an analytic approach to your partnership. If you’re unsure of the long-term potential or whether this relationship will end up in lifelong commitment, pull this spread before moving forward.

2) Future Love Tarot Spread

This spread works wonders for “situationships” or platonic relationships that you’d like to see blossom into something more romantic. Measure the depths of their love with a spread such as this. (Note: Watch for Major Arcana cards, as they can indicate deeper love.)

3) ‘What Are They Thinking?’ Tarot Spread

We’ve all been there… after a fight or while in an unequal relationship, all we need is to get into someone’s head to know that it’s going to be okay. Here’s a spread that helps you understand exactly what’s going on.

4) Tarot Spread for Love

Looking for love? We have just the thing.

tarot spread

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5) Ex Relationship Tarot Spread

Thinking about getting back with the ex? Hold up and do this spread first.

Important Love Tarot Cards

When you’re pulling cards in a love spread, those karmic Major Arcana cards might be more confusing—particularly if the spread is about your own relationship! Here is a quick guide to help you understand what some of the more intense cards are saying in a love spread.

The World Tarot Love

Since The World is the last card in the Major Arcana, this suggest a greatly deep love—potentially one that has covered many lifetimes! Being ruled by Saturn, The World enjoys creating lifelong structure. So, if your relationship makes it to “The World phase,” it will last forever. This could represent a soulmate or even a twin flame (there’s a difference!).

Judgement Tarot Love 

Judgement is similar to The World in that it holds severe karmic weight. It isn’t the last card in the Major Arcana, but it is the second-to-last. (It’s also evolution-hungry Pluto’s card.) Thus, this card can also represent lifetimes of connection. However, depending on where it falls in a spread, it can discuss lifelong grudges or star-crossed lovers.

Temperance Tarot Love

Temperance, Sagittarius’ card, is typically a card of emotional balance. So, depending on its position, it can dictate whether a relationship is emotionally stable or not. When in a reversed position, the person may be feeling overwhelmed by the relationship—or even suffocated.

The Empress Tarot Love

The Empress is such a beautiful card to see in a relationship spread as it indicates beauty, sexuality, and confidence. As the card of Venus, it can suggest that your partner is all about you. It’s about being charming and alluring, just by being yourself. In a reversed position, this card can sometimes refer to toxic relationships—where one person seems to be an confidence-energy vampire to the other.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Love

It wouldn’t be Jupiter’s card if it didn’t bring in some luck or serendipitous situations, right? If you’re single, this could mean that you’ll make a new connection soon! Or… you may run into an ex (ick). If you’re in a relationship, the Wheel of Fortune could mean unexpected turbulence in your partnership.

Justice Tarot Love

Given that this card is associated with Libra, Justice represents morals and ethics. Seeing it can often relate to heart vs. head decisions. So, in a love spread, it can suggest that you’re relying too much on one side or the other. Beware of rose-colored glasses or pushing away love with rationalization.

The Moon Tarot Love

The Moon is a card of ethereal living (makes so much sense that it’s connected to Pisces, right?). Seeing it appear in a love spread can suggest a “love bubble” phase where a couple is out living their own life—disappearing from the world one kiss at a time.

moon tarot

Photo courtesy of @tarotbymaisy

Strength Tarot Love

Strength shows that you’re overcoming obstacles in pursuit of the grand love you believe this to be. It is associated with Leo, the natural romantic of the zodiac, so there’s a sense that every great love is worth fighting for!

The Chariot Tarot Love

Now, The Chariot (which is Cancer’s card), is all about fighting with the heart—as opposed to sheer will, like Strength. When you see it in a spread, it’s often a sign to go after love with an open heart. You may be shielding yourself too much.

Lead photo courtesy of Pexels; Mikhail Nilov

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