The Best Houseplant for Your Zodiac Sign

By Maressa Brown

On August 2, 2021

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The Best Houseplant for Your Zodiac Sign

You don’t have to look much further than Instagram to see that houseplants are one of the hottest trends right now as trending herbalist accounts are starting to show off their love of greenery. The hashtag #plantsofinstagram, for instance, boasts over 3.5 million posts. Sales stats back up greenery’s growing (ha) popularity: In the past three years, U.S. sales of houseplants have surged almost 50 percent to $1.7 billion, according to the National Gardening Association.

Whether you’re a newbie who has yet to test whether your thumb is green enough to keep a plant alive, or you’re a seasoned gardener, you might do well to take your astrological personality into consideration when deciding which houseplant is your best bet. After all, your zodiac sign—which falls under one of four elements (water, fire, earth, and air)—reflects your relationship to the earth and personality traits that might influence how you approach plant care. Here, which houseplant suits you best, based on your sun sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read your rising sign, as well!)

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cactus plants

Mini Cactus Plants in Ceramic Pots, $17.93

Your plant-growing personality: As the first sign of the zodiac—and a fire sign with a reputation for being impulsive, independent, dynamic, and competitive—you, Aries, might see caring for a houseplant as a sport to be won. Or you might lose interest rather rapidly.

The best houseplant for Aries: Cactus, like the echinopsis, which can produce colorful flowers, are your best bet, given how low-maintenance but vibrant they are. In fact, this species does best if the soil is allowed to get nearly dry between waterings. Just remember to care for it on occasion, and it’ll bring the beauty of desert blooms to your home.

Taurus—Guiana Chestnut Plant “Money Tree”

money tree

Courtesy of Unsplash

‘Money Tree’ Plant in Ceramic Planter, $31.99

Your plant-growing personality: As an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, it’s possible you’re open to acquiring a wide variety of plant life. But as the ruler of the second house—which oversees our values, possessions, material goods, and money—you, Taurus, care deeply about earning a steady income to bolster your comfort in life. You’d most enjoy an easygoing plant that could support and fuel this need.

The best houseplant for Taurus: Get a Guiana Chestnut plant, often referred to as a “money tree.” Feng shui practitioners place money trees around homes or workplaces to bring in positive “chi” or energy—which means this plant has added value that you’ll likely welcome with open arms. Plus, its braided trunk offers a pretty visual pop that appeals to your sense of style, and it’s a low-maintenance plant that will flourish as long as it is set in a sunny spot and watered frequently (1-2 times per week).

Gemini—Kalanchoe “Flaming Katy”

kalanchoe plant

Mini Kalanchoe Plants, $12.95

Your plant-growing personality: In your fantasy life, you can care for a wide variety of plants that flourish under your super-green thumb. But in reality, you might struggle a bit to keep up with any of the potted beauties you bring home, because, as Mercury-ruled air sign, you tend to be rather scattered and spread thin in terms of work and social commitments.

The best houseplant for Gemini: You’ll have no trouble finding your heavenly plant match. The kalanchoe, also referred to as florist kalanchoe or flaming Katy, which is usually available at grocery stores, nurseries, and big box stores to boot. The succulent is super low-maintenance and produces cheerful, vibrantly-hued flowers that are sure to appeal to your playful aesthetic. Also note that whether thanks to the vibrations of sound of the carbon dioxide from breath, researchers suspect that “talking” to your plants might help them grow. So, don’t hesitate to do your Gemini chatterbox thing around your green babies!

Cancer—Jade Plant

jade plant

Jade Plant, $13.68

Your plant-growing personality: As the ruler of the fourth house of home and security, one of your most talked-about traits is your money-consciousness. You feel most stable and centered when you have a safe, comfy home and solid financial picture. Plus, as a deeply compassionate, family-oriented water sign—ruled by the maternal moon—you can’t help but care for others, so bringing a plant into your home (which might already be filled with pets and/or kids!) is a natural move for you.

The best houseplant for Cancer: You can’t go wrong with a jade plant, which is also referred to as a money plant or dollar plant. Thought to bring good money luck into the home (score!), the popular houseplant was made for security-loving Cancers. In the summer or spring, they need more water, and less in the winter, so just be sure not to assume your jade plant needs as much hydrotherapy as you! Bonus: Just when your sensitive heart and mind might make you more susceptible to a case of the winter blues, they can produce pretty, romantic white flowers.

Leo—Aloe Plant

aloe plant

Aloe Indoor Plant in Ceramic Planter, $24.99

Your plant-growing personality: Given your status as a fire sign ruled by the confident sun, you’re drawn to plants that, like you, worship the bright, warm star. Known for being having a vibrant social life, ambitious career goals, and a love of self-care, you might do better with a plant that doesn’t require too much concentrated, nitpicky attention.

The best houseplant for Leo: The aloe plant, a succulent that loves bright, indirect sunlight, serves as a perfect, pragmatic choice for Leos who love laying out and soaking up the rays. That’s because its leaves bear clear, cool gel that serves as a natural antidote for over-sunned skin. Bonus: Some varieties are super-colorful (think orange or purple-hued) and others flower. Those eye-catching qualities are sure to be appealing to a bright color-loving lion or lioness.


mint plant

Peppermint Herb Plant, $9.99

Your plant-growing personality: With a reputation for being neat, organized, clean, and health-conscious, you know that houseplants can boost your air quality, your wellness plan, and even your meal prepping action. As a cerebral earth sign, ruled by communicator Mercury, you might approach plant shopping with an analytical mind—and even run the risk of overthinking.

The best houseplant for Virgo: Keep it simple and go for a mint plant. You can’t go wrong, given that the sweet-smelling, recipe-fueling, and super-green plant can be grown indoors without issue. They freshen the air with a sweet smell and offer up an edible leaf that can add a yummy kick to cocktails and/or squash digestion issues. Plus, they require minimal care, so you don’t have to worry too much (a benefit for that nonstop Virgo brain of yours!).

Libra—Peace Lilies

peace lily

Peace Lily Plant in Ceramic Planter, $56.55

Your plant-growing personality: Born under an air sign that’s ruled by beauty-loving Venus, you’ll love a houseplant that adds visual appeal and charm, not to mention a little bit of romance.

The best houseplant for Libra: Peace lilies were made for balance-seeking Libras. The low-maintenance plant offers up blooms that look like white flags, which symbolize peace—a message that conflict-averse Libras can certainly get behind. What’s more, they’ve been named by NASA as one of several houseplants that can purify your air. Nothing like having an aesthetically pleasing houseplant that also makes it easier to breathe.

Scorpio—Spider Plant

spider plant

Spider Plant 12″ Tall in Ceramic Planter, $26.99

Your plant-growing personality: Because you’re an emotionally intuitive water sign, you’re naturally sensitive and capable of tuning into nature’s needs. But given that you’re co-ruled by aggressive Mars and transformative Pluto, you’re not exactly a fan of failure. So you’ll want to find a low-maintenance houseplant that will bend to your whims—not the other way around.

The best houseplant for Scorpio: Being that you’re comfortable with the underbelly of life (the creepier and crawlier, the better!), you’re probably not all that freaked out by spiders, and certainly not by a plant named for them, thanks to its shape. The spider plant is easy to care for and fast-growing, which fuels your need for success, and loves weekly watering, which you’ll be more than happy to provide as a water sign. Another bonus for family-oriented Scorps: It produces “babies” that you can repot.

Sagittarius—Calathea “Prayer Plant”

calathea plant

Calathea Plant, $21.99

Your plant-growing personality: As a fire sign ruled by expansive Jupiter, and as the ruler of the ninth house of philosophy, higher education, and long-distance travel, you’re constantly seeking joy and knowledge. You might enjoy a plant that reflects your big, adventurous heart—as well as challenges you to hone your gardening skills.

The best houseplant for Sagittarius: A houseplant with a spiritually-inspired name, the Calathea or prayer plant, might be your greenery soulmate. It is hardy and loves bright, indirect sunlight, which you can certainly understand as a fire sign. Plus, with its large purple, green, pink, and red leaves, it’s bold and downright dramatic—just like you. One catch, Sagittarius: It requires humidity and being kept damp, so you’ll do well to ask one of your many friends to come “plant sit” when you drop everything to head out on one of your signature road trips or overseas adventures.

Capricorn—Rubber Plant

rubber plant

Burgundy Rubber Plant, $17.00

Your plant-growing personality: You likely have an innate green thumb, given that not only are you an earth sign, but you’re ruled by taskmaster Saturn. You’ll enjoy putting your nose to the grindstone and ensuring that you follow step-by-step, practical, careful instructions to keep any houseplant happy. 

The best houseplant for Capricorn: Consider going for a rubber plant, Capricorn. With its deep green, dignified leaves and ability to grow like a tree, it appeals to your seriousness and earthiness. Plus, they tend to reflect the amount of care you’re putting into them—they’ll grow taller if you give them room to, or smaller if you put them in a smaller pot—and you’ll love seeing your hard work pay off.

Aquarius—Tillandsia “Air Plants”

air plants

Assorted Tillandsia Air Plants, $15.95

Your plant-growing personality: As an air sign co-ruled by revolutionary Uranus and workhorse Saturn, you’re forward-thinking, progressive, and likely a bit eccentric. You’ll do best with a plant that is unconventional and that feeds your thirst to learn, experiment, and connect with others.

The best houseplant for Aquarius: Air plants, or Tillandsia, will appeal to your love of the abnormal—because they don’t require soil and they’re a little bit quirky, just like you Aquarius. They also serve as conversation-starters, which is perfect for you, given that you pride yourself on having a wide social circle and might occasionally host friends or colleagues. And being that you’re fairly science-minded, you’ll enjoy figuring out your air plant’s watering preferences (they might like to be misted, soaked, or both).

Pisces—African Violet 

African violet

Mini African Violets Set of 2, $11.95

Your plant-growing personality: As a water sign ruled by mystical, dreamy Neptune, you’re a natural-born romantic. You believe plants have a spirit of their own and would gravitate toward one that goes through various phases and offers up beautiful blooms. 

The best houseplant for Pisces: You might want to consider an African violet plant, which thrives in moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light and offers up stunning blooms a few times a year. Because you’re empathetic and sensitive, you’ll understand just how important it is to experiment and land on the correct ratio of sunlight, water, and humidity that an African violet requires. It’s not necessarily a high-maintenance plant, but it does happen to have specific needs that a Pisces will enjoy pinpointing and keying into to keep it happy.


plants zodiac sign

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