Uranus in aesthetically minded Libra makes this a wonderful time for artistic achievement.

During this period, both personal and societal standards of beauty might change. Get ready for trends and fads! People with this placement make great designers (or great critics). Self-expression of all forms is important, though in a more gentle and harmonious fashion than when Uranus is in Leo. Pay attention to personal relationships during this period—Libra strives for cooperation, but Uranus pushes us to strike out independently. Boundaries are important! You may feel the need to explore unconventional relationships that have been out of your comfort zone in the past.

Uranus in Libra: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Air & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Uranus in Libra:

  • Cooperative
  • Far-sighted
  • Righteous
  • Sovereign
  • Stylish

Negative keywords for Uranus in Libra:

  • Eccentric
  • Immovable
  • Sanctimonious
  • Separate
  • Unattached

Uranus in Libra Personality

Uranus in Libra turns Libra’s need for partnership on its head. With Uranus and Venus converging, those with their Uranus in Libra usher in radical shifts in style and partnership. These people question love and the traditional institution of marriage. Overall, these individuals are more independent than other Libra placements.

Positive Traits

Uranus in Libra produces a progressive-minded individual. These are the folks born at the tail end of America’s most defining moments in the struggle for LGBT and women’s rights. They’re less tolerant of perceived injustice than those born in the decade before and even after them.

Negative Traits

Breaking up with social norms can be alienating and hard to do. Uranus in Libra’s desire for boundaries and nontraditional relationships can come across as noncommittal. Conversely, these natives may focus excessively on fighting injustice to the detriment of their personal life. As always, this Libra placement must strike a balance between the personal and the public.

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