Taurus Celebrities

What does a Taurus celebrity have in common with their peers? Reliable, luxurious, and with impeccable taste, Taurus celebrities know how to look the part. Learn more about your favorite Taurus birthdays.

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Jerry Seinfeld

April 29 | taurus
This comedian has an everyday sort of humor that aligns with the down-to-earth personality of the Taurus. Reliable and honest, there’s a reason Jerry Seinfeld has been such a steady comedic force in Hollywood for so long. Photo: Alan Light

Jessica Alba

April 28 | taurus
A Taurus woman with strong business acumen, Jessica Alba moved from movie star to Honest Company founder and CEO, with a $350 million net worth in just a few years! And all while raising three children! Photo: Tech Crunch

John Cena

April 23 | taurus
This Taurus might be the most visibly obvious—a strong man who wrestles for a living with the essence of a bull. However, he also has the typical Taurus soft heart and hard exterior. John Cena tops the Make-A-Wish list for most wishes granted. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Megan Fox

May 16 | taurus
Taurus women are ruled by Venus, giving this actress (and astrology fan!) some crazy feminine energy. There’s a reason she’s known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood! Photo: Themeplus

Queen Elizabeth II

April 21 | taurus
An unexpected Taurus trait is a sophisticated, sometimes expensive taste, but what else can you expect from the Queen of England? Her forceful diplomacy but soft heart makes her a Taurus for sure. Photo: Government House

Robert Pattinson

May 13 | taurus
Earth signs like the Taurus Robert Pattinson crave a steady life, making careers like acting somewhat unusual for them as someone who doesn’t love the spotlight that much. However, their dedication to their job cannot be understated—so it’s worth dealing with the paparazzi! Photo: Gage Skidmore

Sam Smith

May 19 | taurus
A British singer with the soft heart of the Taurus Bull, Sam Smith communicates the pain and passion associated with having Taurus in the sun and Mercury through his song lyrics. Photo: @pitony.photography

Tina Fey

May 18 | taurus
Witty and talented, this Taurus comedian knows when to be stubborn—like when protesting for women’s rights inside the workplace and at rallies! Photo: Nick Step

Travis Scott

April 30 | taurus
This rapper has revealed his true Taurus characteristics of having a “soft heart, hard exterior” after girlfriend Kylie Jenner gave birth to their daughter. All his time not making music and performing is dedicated to spending time with his new family. Photo: Kenny Sun

Will Arnett

May 04 | taurus
This Taurus has played his fair share of kooky characters, from Arrested Development’s Gob Bluth to the title character of Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman. His persistent dedication to acting has led to over two decades of success in the industry. Photo: David Shankbone