Scorpio Celebrities

What does a Scorpio celebrity have in common with their peers? Dark, intense, and penetrating, Scorpio celebrities know how to access deep parts of their psyche for any movie. Learn more about your favorite Scorpio birthdays.

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Julia Roberts

October 28 | scorpio
When a dozen Hollywood actresses turned down the iconic Pretty Woman role in fear of risking their reputations, this Scorpio queen was fearlessly there to take the controversial role. Photo: David Shankbone

Katy Perry

October 25 | scorpio
Though unusually public and outspoken for a Scorpio, this singer uses her sign’s creative and imaginative side to produce chart-toppers over and over again. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Kendall Jenner

November 03 | scorpio
Easily the most private and mysterious of all the Kardashian-Jenners, this Scorpio keeps her heart hidden and her relationships very, very private to the outside world. Photo: LightSpace Studios

Leonardo DiCaprio

November 11 | scorpio
Naturally, many of the best dramatic actors alive today are those intense, emotional Scorpios. But right now, Leonardo DiCaprio is focusing more on philanthropy, demonstrating that underlying Scorpio generosity and acute social awareness. Photo: Jaud

Matthew McConaughey

November 04 | scorpio
This Scorpio actor is known for being a bit rebellious and nonconforming to the Hollywood lifestyle. I mean, what other actor do you know that has been caught playing bongos naked at 2 a.m. in his Texas backyard? Photo: All-Pro Reels 

Meg Ryan

November 19 | scorpio
Like many Scorpios, this actress uses her charm when the cameras are on but enjoys a more mellow, quieter life when out of the public eye. Photo: David Shankbone


October 23 | scorpio
Fun fact about this Scorp soccer star: early in his career, a seer advised him to tell people that he was born three days later, on October 24, to achieve a stronger Scorpio image. Therefore, his birth certificate says October 21, but his autobiography says October 24! Photo: Sebastianneuah

Ryan Reynolds

October 23 | scorpio
That famed Scorpio wit is one of actor Ryan Reynolds’ most defining characteristics. Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson  

Ryan Gosling

November 12 | scorpio
Scorpios are known for choosing exactly how much they want to reveal people—and this Scorpio is very good at that. He keeps his family life very private. Did you know he has not one, but two children with girlfriend Eva Mendes? Photo: Gage Skidmore 

Whoopi Goldberg

November 13 | scorpio
She’s a powerful force with both a Scorpio sun and moon. The emotions and social awareness brought with this intense Scorpio combo makes Whoopi a powerful activist! Photo: David Shankbone