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What does a Leo celebrity have in common with their peers? Confident, beautiful, and a natural star, Leo celebrities know how to command attention. Learn more about your favorite Leo birthdays.

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Anna Kendrick

August 09 | leo
This Leo actress steals the scene in every movie—and interview—with her hilarious one-liners, big curious eyes, and expressive gestures. Photo: David Shankbone

Arnold Schwarzenegger

July 30 | leo
Big dreams are basically the biggest Leo quality as you’ve seen from our list… and who else could be both a movie star and the governor of California besides a Leo like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Photo: Gage Skidmore

Barack Obama

August 04 | leo
It’s not rare for a Leo to go into a life of politics, and this is exactly what President Barack Obama did. With big dreams and scene-stealing charisma, Leos like Obama are passionate leaders.

Ben Affleck

August 15 | leo
There’s so many actors on this list for a reason! Leos love the spotlight, even if that means they’re labeled egotistical. It doesn’t matter when you get to be Batman! Photo: Gage Skidmore

Bill Clinton

August 19 | leo
Like Obama, this former President is also a big-dreaming Leo. Appearance-focused and a little egotistical, sure, but still caring with those around him. Photo: Hayden Schiff

Cara Delevingne

August 12 | leo
This lioness even has the Leo lion tattooed on one of her knuckles! The bold Brit is a fearless model with an intense social life and is an activist at heart. Photo: MINK MGMT

Chris Hemsworth

August 11 | leo
Well, Thor certainly looks like a lion! This Leo actor is a caring man who plays the leader of the pack both on-screen and off. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Demi Lovato

August 20 | leo
This Leo singer is known for their bold style in both music and fashion. Photo: Neon Tommy

Jennifer Lopez

July 24 | leo
This multi-talented Leo beauty just can’t stop her career roll—for two decades! She stepped into all kinds of roles from singer to actress to business woman. The ambition behind a lioness just can’t be stopped! Photo: DVSROSS

Jennifer Lawrence

August 15 | leo
This Leo actress is passionate about her career, which has led to great success so far. But unlike many Leos, she tries to maintain a private life off-screen. Photo: MTV International