Cancer Celebrities

What does a Cancer celebrity have in common with their peers? Nurturing, complex, and even a bit moody, Cancer celebrities know how to access all of their emotions on and off screen. Learn more about your favorite Cancer birthdays.

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Luke Bryan

July 17 | cancer
Cancers are known to be deeply sensitive, and this country singer is no exception. His swooning lyrics romanticize the rural country life and prioritize relationships over everything else. Photo: Mark Runyon

Margot Robbie

July 02 | cancer
Cancers are known for their nuanced artistic talent, as demonstrated by Margot Robbie in her diverse acting career, from I, Tonya to The Wolf of Wall Street. Photo: Patrick L

Meryl Streep

June 22 | cancer
Who doesn’t freakin’ love Meryl Streep?! She’s just one of those Cancers with a wry sense of humor and has certainly proven herself as a friend for life to her nearest and dearest. Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson

Pamela Anderson

July 01 | cancer
Famous beauty Pamela Anderson is a Cancer who values self-expression, image control and remains resilient in the face of criticism. Photo: Toglenn

Post Malone

July 04 | cancer
Talk about a guy deep in his emotions! Not many rappers put out deep tracks like “Fall Apart,” but Post Malone isn’t afraid to bear his Cancer emotional side. Photo: Toglenn

Selena Gomez

July 22 | cancer
This songstress and actress embraces the Cancer qualities of spirituality (she’s an outspoken Christian), intense work ethic (she’s been working since she was on Barney & Friends!) and resilience (she’s been dealing with Lupus for many years now). Photo: Lunchbox LP

Sylvester Stallone

July 06 | cancer
With three daughters, it’s quite the balance for this Cancer to maintain his tough-guy persona and still be a nurturing, loving family man! Photo: Michael Schilling

Tom Cruise

July 03 | cancer
Cancers are famously spiritual, and Tom Cruise is famously a Scientologist. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Tom Hanks

July 09 | cancer
One of the most loveable actors on the planet, there’s not much bad to say about Tom Hanks. This Cancer is a friend for life, caring, observational, and maintains a wry sense of humor even after decades in the public eye. Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson

Vin Diesel

July 18 | cancer
This Cancer is a lifelong friend in the most passionate ways. After his best friend died, actor Paul Walker, Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline after him. Photo: Gage Skidmore