Aquarius Celebrities

What does an Aquarius celebrity have in common with their peers? Forward-thinking, eclectic, and eager to fight for their beliefs, Aquarius celebrities are never boring! Learn more about your favorite Aries birthdays.

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Kerry Washington

January 31 | aquarius
Heavily involved in the fights against sexism, racism, and domestic violence in America, this activist Aqua spends tons of her free time working with charities and participating in protests. Photo: Sam Javanrouh via Flickr


February 11 | aquarius
More than any other sign, Aquarians carry a certain social consciousness with them. With his collaboration with Logic and Alessia Cara on the mental illness awareness song “1-800-273-8255,” Khalid solidified his space in the public sphere as a young advocate. Photo: Wikipedia

Michael Jordan

February 17 | aquarius
He’s simply the greatest of all time! This Aquarius was likely so disciplined in his basketball career due to the Aquarius ruling planet of Saturn. Photo: Pepitoet via Wikimedia Commons  


February 05 | aquarius
This soccer star was actually born on the exact same day as fellow Aquarius player Cristiano Ronaldo, proving that Aquarius discipline leads to great athletic feats! Photo: Granada via Wikimedia Commons 

Oprah Winfrey

January 29 | aquarius
Oprah embraces her sign’s philanthropic qualities. Aquarians are known for their passion for philanthropy and being motivated by social justice. Oprah demonstrates how many Aquarius friendships are workplace and intellectually based. Photo: Greg Hernandez via Wikimedia Commons 

Phil Collins

January 30 | aquarius
This rocker was known for being a bit of a temperamental Aquarius back in the day, personally calling up critics who wrote bad reviews about his music to discuss their writing. Photo: Sebastian Gerhard via Flickr


February 07 | aquarius
This Aquarius is another celebrity motivated by social justice in her free time, spending weeks every year doing work abroad for UNICEF! Photo: oouinouin via Wikimedia Commons 

Sheryl Crow

February 11 | aquarius
This Aqua singer also works as an activist interested in liberal politics, making strong statements in her music and doing a good deal of charity work on the side. Photo: Mark Runyon via Flickr  

Taylor Lautner

February 11 | aquarius
Some Aquas are known for being just straight-up likable and unproblematic, and this actor is one of them! Charming and witty, Taylor Lautner has managed to avoid major scandals in his acting career and maintain an active fan base. Photo: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

The Weeknd

February 16 | aquarius
No one can get deep in their feels quite like this Aquarius. (You can thank his Scorpio moon for loosening up that Aqua edge!) Temperamental, unconventional, and extremely creative, The Weeknd gets everyone emotional with his honest lyrics about love and loss. Photo: Pedro Mora via Wikimedia Commons