“E” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Ed Sheeran

February 17 | aquarius
Aquarius men are truly difficult to understand because of all their layers, but they end up being kind of wacky geniuses. Ed Sheeran is not the good-looking, hard-partying, British singer stereotype we’ve come to know, and that might be what makes him so unique and talented. Photo: Wikipedia

Eddie Murphy

April 03 | aries
Rapid-fire wit is an important characteristic of the average Aries, and comedian Eddie Murphy is no exception. Photo: David Shankbone

Edward Snowden

June 20 | gemini
Geminis are born leaders and known to break away from the pack to make sure their ideas are heard (and justice is served)—and that’s why Edward Snowden is on this list! Photo: International Journalism Festival

Ellen DeGeneres

January 26 | aquarius
One of the most positive qualities of the typical Aquarius is their love for philanthropy and general generosity, which is perfectly exemplified by this comedian. Photo: Zennie Abraham via Flickr  

Elliot Page

February 21 | pisces
This actor once said in an interview with Barbara Walters that he tends to sleepwalk and hallucinate—a sign of an active Pisces’ subconscious! Photo: Greg2600 via Wikimedia Commons 

Elton John

March 25 | aries
This spirited Aries might just be the most Aries of them all: a little self-absorbed but not selfish, more vulnerable than you’d expect, flamboyant with a flair for grand gestures, and ultimately one of the strongest personalities you’ll ever come across. Photo: David Shankbone


October 17 | libra
There’s a reason that many rappers are Libras, who connect work with personal identity. An attack on Eminem’s music is an attack on the man himself, and he has spent his entire career carefully crafting songs to create his own image. Photo: Sebastian Vital

Emma Watson

April 15 | aries
This young actress showed her Aries ambition when she managed to film the Harry Potter series and attend Brown University at the same time. Photo: Themeplus

Emma Stone

November 06 | scorpio
Scorpios are authentic—they are who they are, and they aren’t changing to please you or anyone else. Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s more unconventional beauties, but she’ll never change her appearance to please the public. Photo: Patrick L.

Enrique Iglesias

May 08 | taurus
Taurians truly enjoy privacy when it comes to their family—and that’s why you never hear much about this singer’s tennis player wife and their children in the tabloids! Photo: Enrique Lin