“D” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Dakota Fanning

February 23 | pisces
This Pisces has a flair for the creative side of life, and her inner thespian really comes out with her moon in Leo. Photo: Crislapi3 via Wikimedia Commons 

Daniel Craig

March 02 | pisces
Daniel Craig is a mysterious man, and another very private Pisces. A Pisces can be a natural actor, as they love the poetry, art, and drama of everyday life. Photo: Discutivo via Flickr

David Beckham

May 26 | taurus
This family guy has dedicated his post-soccer years to raising four kids with his businesswoman wife, Victoria Beckham. The Taurus Brit might have a tatted-up, hard exterior, but his soft side comes out when socializing with family, friends, and even press! Photo: Y.Leclercq

Demi Lovato

August 20 | leo
This Leo singer is known for their bold style in both music and fashion. Photo: Neon Tommy

Diana, Princess of Wales

July 01 | cancer
As one of the strongest personalities the British royal family has ever seen, this Cancer was known for her incredible work ethic with her charitable projects. Photo: Joe Haupt

Diane Von Furstenberg

December 31 | capricorn
This businesswoman and feminist powerhouse is an absolute Capricorn icon. The fashion designer still uses the name of her ex-husband Prince Egon Von Furstenberg of Germany—except now she’s worth $1 billion more than him! Capricorns are all about power moves. Photo: Wikipedia

Diego Maradona

October 30 | scorpio
This former Argentine soccer player is well known for his rebellious behavior on the field and off—from drug addiction during his glory days as an athlete, to his friendship with Communist dictator Fidel Castro. Photo: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar

DJ Khaled

November 26 | sagittarius
November 26 Talk about an expensive lifestyle! This Sagittarius musician is famous for showing off his fabulous travels and material wealth. Photo: Flickr

Donald Glover

September 25 | libra
One of the most creative individuals of our time, Donald Glover lives a Libra life of self-creation, business smarts, and daydreaming in his music and television career. Photo: Jesse Chang

Dr. Phil

September 01 | virgo
Virgos tend to have a fix-it personality and compassion for those who are less fortunate, which suits Dr. Phil’s job as a TV doctor well.