“V” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Vanessa Hudgens

December 14 | sagittarius
Sagittarians are independent people who hate being told how to live—just ask fashionista and festival style icon Vanessa Hudgens! Her bold fashion shows her non-conforming spirit in the most stylish way. Photo: Liam Mendes via Wikimedia Commons

Victoria Beckham

April 17 | aries
If you think of an ambitious woman, one of the first people to come to mind is Victoria Beckham. This Aries managed to have a successful music career that gracefully transitioned into one of the biggest fashion empires in the U.K. and beyond. Photo: LG

Vin Diesel

July 18 | cancer
This Cancer is a lifelong friend in the most passionate ways. After his best friend died, actor Paul Walker, Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline after him. Photo: Gage Skidmore