“P” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Pamela Anderson

July 01 | cancer
Famous beauty Pamela Anderson is a Cancer who values self-expression, image control and remains resilient in the face of criticism. Photo: Toglenn

Paul McCartney

June 18 | gemini
Geminis are one the three air signs, which rule communication. Hence, this musician took a lead role in The Beatles—full of ideas and passionate about his work. Photo: Raph_PH


October 23 | scorpio
Fun fact about this Scorp soccer star: early in his career, a seer advised him to tell people that he was born three days later, on October 24, to achieve a stronger Scorpio image. Therefore, his birth certificate says October 21, but his autobiography says October 24! Photo: Sebastianneuah

Phil Collins

January 30 | aquarius
This rocker was known for being a bit of a temperamental Aquarius back in the day, personally calling up critics who wrote bad reviews about his music to discuss their writing. Photo: Sebastian Gerhard via Flickr


September 08 | virgo
Confident in her creative direction and sensual in her performances, this songstress is a Virgo through and through.


January 15 | capricorn
Capricorns will always pull themselves up by the bootstraps to become the successful professional the stars destined them to be. Popular Cuban-American rapper Pitbull is no different—his career started out selling his own CDs as a teenager on the streets of Miami! Photo: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Post Malone

July 04 | cancer
Talk about a guy deep in his emotions! Not many rappers put out deep tracks like “Fall Apart,” but Post Malone isn’t afraid to bear his Cancer emotional side. Photo: Toglenn