“K” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Kanye West

June 05 | gemini
Possibly the most famous Gemini, this erratic artist embraces the Gemini passion, creative energy, and networking intelligence. Photo: David Shankbone

Kate Hudson

April 19 | aries
The rom-com queen is enchanting in every role she plays onscreen or off. This Aries woman loves astrology and is the epitome of her fire sign: competitive, sporty, candid in conversation, feisty in the workplace, and fun all around. Photo: Tanka V

Kate Winslet

October 05 | libra
Known as one of the friendliest actresses, this Libra still likes to stay out of the public eye and keep her family life private to balance her work and home life effectively. Photo: Andrea Raffin

Kate Middleton

January 09 | capricorn
Middleton’s family-focused, hard-working, responsible, and confident personality makes her strong in the face of media criticism. Her position in the royal family surely elevates her public image, which is one of Capricorns’ greatest concerns. Photo: Jeff Amann via Flickr  

Kate Moss

January 16 | capricorn
This wild child is only ever serious when it comes to her modeling career, and always has that Capricorn dry sense of humor. Photo: Renan Katayama via Wikimedia Commons

Katie Holmes

December 18 | sagittarius
Sagittarians are born with an interest in philosophy and religion—maybe this is what lead to Katie Holmes’ transition from Catholicism to Scientology with ex Tom Cruise, then back to Catholicism. Photo: Jay Tamboli Follow via Wikimedia Commons    

Katy Perry

October 25 | scorpio
Though unusually public and outspoken for a Scorpio, this singer uses her sign’s creative and imaginative side to produce chart-toppers over and over again. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Kendall Jenner

November 03 | scorpio
Easily the most private and mysterious of all the Kardashian-Jenners, this Scorpio keeps her heart hidden and her relationships very, very private to the outside world. Photo: LightSpace Studios

Kendrick Lamar

June 17 | gemini
This rapper is a true Gemini, and proud of it! Kendrick has referenced his placement in at least five songs to date! Photo: Fuzheado  

Kerry Washington

January 31 | aquarius
Heavily involved in the fights against sexism, racism, and domestic violence in America, this activist Aqua spends tons of her free time working with charities and participating in protests. Photo: Sam Javanrouh via Flickr