What Is the Funniest Zodiac Sign?

By Ellen Ricks

On June 27, 2022

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What Is the Funniest Zodiac Sign?

Zodiac signs with the best sense of humor often enjoy being the center of attention. Here are the funniest and wittiest of the zodiac signs, ranked.

Funniest: Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is an expert in working a room, able to make conversation with just about everyone. And the quickest way to break the ice is by making people laugh. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that is often associated with comedy.

Sagittarius are both deep and happy-go-lucky, meaning they can look deeply at laugh and be able to see the humor in everything. Worldly, they are often traveling and learning, which they can share with others in a fun, humorous way. Sagittarius is also very blunt, telling you exactly how it is, which can be funny but can rub people the wrong way if they take the bit too far. 

Funny Sagittarians: Tiffany Haddish, Sarah Silverman, Fred Armisen, Richard Pryor, Samuel L. Jackson 

Wittiest: Gemini 

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of wit and communication, it’s no surprise that Gemini is considered to be the wittiest sign in the zodiac. Geminis are quick thinkers that can see every side of a situation. Being so quick on their feet, they can often toss out some zingers and witty phrases that can get everyone laughing.

Master of communication, Gemini is always captivating an audience with a funny story as the sound of laughter fuels them. However, because they crave the laugher they may poke at everyone, hurting some feelings 

Witty Geminis: Amy Schumer, Will Forte, Richard Ayoade, Johnny Depp, Hannah Einbinder 

Other Funny Signs 


Leo loves to be the center of attention (they are ruled by the sun after all) and often use laughter to get a crowd around them. Leo also rules over the 5th house—the house of entertainment, pleasure, and creativity; all of which is a perfect recipe for a good sense of humor.

Leos are often joyful, fun-loving, and want to make people feel good by providing a good laugh. However, despite dishing it out, Leo rarely can take a joke about themselves and can be easily offended when they get roasted. 

Funny Leos: Bo Burnham, Steve Carell, James Corden, Jessica Williams, Michael Ian Black


Libras are natural charmers (thank their ruling planet, Venus) and often use humor to break the ice when meeting new people are trying to win over a lover interested. Unlike blunt signs (we’re looking at you Sagittarius), their humor is rarely blunt or crass (unless their natal chart says otherwise). Rather, they have a general un-offensive humor that makes everyone feel good—though others may feel like they are playing it too safe. 

Funny Libras: Hasan Minhaj, Will Smith, Norm MacDonald, Buster Keaton, Donald Glover  


Some might be surprised to find Virgo on the list of funny zodiac signs with their reputation of being fussy, modest prudes. Our answer to that is that you haven’t been around a Virgo long enough to see their sharp wit.

Gifted with keen observation and a fast mind (thanks to their ruler, Mercury), Virgo is often coming up with witty one-liners and skilled in the fine art of sarcasm. However their shy nature and deadpan delivery may have some people missing their joke. This is a shame as Virgo’s always have a clever quip. 

Funny Virgos: John Mulaney, Nicole Byer, Jimmy Fallon, Leslie Jones, Lewis Black 


Aries is often considered to be the baby of the zodiac, and they are famous for their goofy, light-hearted sense of humor. Aries rules the first house, which rules over the body making them skilled in physical comedy. Aries is bold and passionate by nature, not afraid to go there with their humor which can ruffle some feathers. 

Funny Aries: Ali Wong, Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, Conan O’Brien, Eddie Murphy


Which zodiac sign has the best sense of humor? 

Sagittarius is considered to have the best sense of humor as they often examine the lighter sign of life and like to see the humor in everything. They also like to tell people a funny story about their travel wherever they go. 

Which zodiac sign laughs the most? 

Leo is here to have a good time, and ruling over the 5th House of pleasure and entertainment, it’s safe to say Leo laughs the most, finding joy and excitement in any situation. 

Are Leos funny? 

Unless they have a lot of serious signs throughout the rest of their birth chart, Leo’s are very funny as their joyful nature makes it easy to see the brighter side of every situation. 

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