Sagittarius Celebrities

What does a Sagittarius celebrity have in common with their peers? Honest, direct, and always eager to learn, Sagittarius celebrities never stop entertaining! Learn more about your favorite Aries birthdays.

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Ben Stiller

November 30 | sagittarius
Energetic about life! This Sagittarius actor is smart and a go-getter, always starting his own projects and maintaining a prolific movie career for two decades straight while staying a family man and maintaining a private life. Photo: Gordon Correll via Flickr

Brad Pitt

December 18 | sagittarius
Many Sagittarians are actors because they don’t mind the travel—just look at Brad Pitt! He doesn’t need the stable home or routine that comes with the lifestyle of an average job. Photo: Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons

Britney Spears

December 02 | sagittarius
Sagittarius women are rebels, and young Britney was one of them. Many career highs and lows later, this Sag is happy and healthy with a cute family and a residency in Vegas. What could be better? Photo: pulsefm

DJ Khaled

November 26 | sagittarius
November 26 Talk about an expensive lifestyle! This Sagittarius musician is famous for showing off his fabulous travels and material wealth. Photo: Flickr

Hailey Bieber

November 22 | sagittarius
November 22 This model is one of most impulsive Sagittarians—she got engaged to pop superstar Justin Bieber after only one month of dating! Sags are also known for their devotion and her commitment to her faith follows that. Photo: Pinterest

Jamie Foxx

December 13 | sagittarius
This Sag follows his sign’s tendency to be a “sponge” with an inner quest for truth and knowledge, meaning he’s a great actor who can get really into her character, especially in biopics. Photo: Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons


December 04 | sagittarius
“Expensive lifestyle” might just be this Sagittarius’s middle name. Jay-Z owns dozens of businesses, has pushed out nearly as many rap albums, and ranks high on every “most wealthy” list that Forbes publishes! Photo: NRK P3 via Flickr

Katie Holmes

December 18 | sagittarius
Sagittarians are born with an interest in philosophy and religion—maybe this is what lead to Katie Holmes’ transition from Catholicism to Scientology with ex Tom Cruise, then back to Catholicism. Photo: Jay Tamboli Follow via Wikimedia Commons    

Miley Cyrus

November 23 | sagittarius
November 23 This Sagittarius embraces the sign’s creative, strong-willed, and blunt qualities with her unique fashion and old partying antics. Photo: Mariana Raquel

Nicki Minaj

December 08 | sagittarius
Another talented Sag musician, Nicki Minaj is also known for her bluntness and self-sufficiency, leading her to become a figure of female empowerment. Photo: Pure DOPE Magazine via Wikimedia Commons