What Zodiac Sign Lies the Most?

By Chelsea Jackson

On April 15, 2022

In Astrology

What Zodiac Sign Lies the Most?

Some of the zodiac signs are more likely to avoid eye contact, utilize their communication skills, and lie outright.

Here are the biggest liars of the zodiac:


As the mutable, air sign of the zodiac, Geminis are excellent communicators—which they can often use to fabricate the truth if need be. Ruled by Mercury, the trickster planet of the zodiac, Geminis are always eager to engage in some juicy conversation, even if they have to bend the truth a bit to achieve the mental stimulation they crave.

Because this is a mutable sign, they’re easily able to adapt and are quick on their feet, often preventing them from getting caught in a lie. These individuals are often far less concerned with the truth, and more concerned with what will make the most interesting and eventful story. 


Libras are the partnership-oriented social butterflies of the zodiac, but—because they will do anything to avoid confrontation or conflict—they oftentimes will tell white lies to spare feelings or keep the peace. They can be considered liars, but to themselves, Libras see it as necessary.

Libras are all about treating people exactly how they would want to be treated, and to them, that sometimes means saying exactly what it is they feel the other person wants to hear (even if it’s a tad bit dishonest). Being ruled by Venus, their main goal is bringing people together. Oftentimes the truth can hurt, so they’re willing to avoid brutal honesty altogether to protect their loved ones. 


As the mutable, fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians are all about the big picture, which can at times make it hard for them to recall the nitty-gritty details, causing them to bend the truth a bit without always realizing it.

These individuals want to evoke big reactions out of people when they tell their adventurous stories and are willing to make things seem a bit more dramatic than they actually are in order to win some cool points. While excellent teachers, Sagittarius individuals are far more interested in living out their own personal truths than considering what all the facts might be. 


Pisceans are like sponges—they soak up the energy that’s around them without even trying. While this can sometimes work in their favor, it can oftentimes mean that they’re a bit more prone to deception, causing them to not always be honest, without realizing that they were potentially lied to, to begin with.

It’s incredibly important for this sign to double-check their sources, as they have a tendency to be a bit gullible, assuming that everyone is as wholesome and pure-intentioned as they are. While they would never lie maliciously, they may also fabricate the truth as a way to spare someone’s feelings, since it’s incredibly easy for them to feel empathy for the people around them. In fact, if a Pisces lies to you it might be for your sake, but it might be for theirs, too. 


Which zodiac sign is the best at lying?

Gemini, for sure. They’re able to lie without getting their feelings involved, and already have a way with words, since they’re ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs over communication, intellect, and the mind. 

How do you know when a Gemini is lying?

If they’re laughing a lot or cracking more jokes than usual, they might just be lying. They tend to rely heavily on comedy as a way to conceal their lies. They also tend to tell on themselves, because they tend to be a bit inconsistent when it comes to information. 

Is Sagittarius dangerous when angry?

Hardly. If you challenge their intelligence or make them feel like they don’t know something, you’re definitely in for a tongue lashing, though. These individuals tend to have a bit of a God complex and need to be right. Knowledge is definitely power to them.  

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