Everything You Need In Your Wellness Survival Kit

By Symon Freck

On August 19, 2022

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Everything You Need In Your Wellness Survival Kit

We all need a little extra support sometimes—that’s where your wellness survival kit comes in. 

Like any good survival kit, your wellness survival kit is stocked with helpful materials to take on anything life throws at you. Negative energy can drag you down, but these few items can bring back the light you’ve been looking for in your life. 

While some kits help you prepare for the end of the world or stop your imminent doom, here are nine items to aid you in living your healthiest life in the present.   


This beautiful green stone is celebrated for its undeniable healing powers. Associated with the heart chakra, we use jade to alleviate stress, promote forgiveness and increase circulation. Jade has healing properties for the mind, spirit and body, making it a necessity for your wellness survival kit. 

Black Tourmaline

If you’ve noticed some bad energy seeping into your life recently, buy some black tourmaline right now! Black tourmaline is used for protection, grounding and boosting confidence. We tend to hide from our fears, but including black tourmaline in your wellness survival kit will help you face them head-on. 


Herbs and plants are a great place to start if you want to focus on your physical health. And peppermint is truly a cure-all. This antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory can help heal anything from sinus infections to joint pains. You can either ingest peppermint or use it topically, and it smells amazing, making it one of the most versatile materials in your survival kit. 


Arnica is your go-to quick fix. If you’re in a bind, arnica can probably get you out. Another substance focused on physical health, arnica is used for wound healing and swelling reduction. For those prone to bruising, arnica will become your best friend. If you’re an explorer, athlete or even just a bit clumsy, arnica is a must-have in your wellness survival kit. 

Palo Santo

Another method of purification is the burning of palo santo. The soothing aroma helps relieve stress and elevate your mood. Palo santo also creates an oil that works wonders for your skin. So, while you clear your mind, your skin can clear up, too! If you need to create space in your life, palo santo can be the tool you need to feel free. 

Your Favorite Journal

Journals have been proven to be one of the most successful health and wellness tools. From stress release to understanding your emotions, journaling can free your mind and get the wheels turning again. We all get stuck in a rut, and sometimes the smoothest way out is to put our feelings down on paper. The best part is, no one ever has to see! Bringing a little journal around with you in your wellness survival kit can act as a small reminder to freely express yourself at all times. P.S. you can also just use the notes app on your phone. 

Positive Affirmation Cards 

Ahhh, affirmations—one of the most trendy topics today. Recently, affirmations have taken the spotlight in wellness, but it’s for a good reason. Affirmations have been used for centuries, in many different forms, as a way to bring in the positive energy and push out the negative vibes. Typically repeated daily, affirmations are small chants that manifest a certain concept you wish to see come to life. If you’re struggling to come up with your own, don’t worry! Someone out there has written down hundreds of affirmations, and you can buy a deck of cards with conveniently printed affirmations on each. Putting this deck into your wellness survival kit will remind you to think positively and put your mental health first. 

Singing Bowls

If you need some music therapy, look to Tibetan singing bowls. The sound reverberating from the bowls creates a calming sound that harmonizes the body. Along with many mental health benefits, the vibrations also assist with healthy sleep patterns, lowering blood pressure and activating the immune system. Though singing bowls are a bit cumbersome and you might not be able to take them on the road, they are a great piece to keep in your at-home wellness survival kit. 


Candles create a calm and soothing ambiance. The atmosphere produced by candlelight allows the body to settle and the mind to activate. Candles are very versatile, as they come in many sizes, shapes, colors and scents. Packing a small candle in your wellness survival kit can enhance the mood of any space you enter. 


Can I personalize my survival kit? 

Of course! If you have something special you hold to your heart that breeds positivity, by all means, add it to your kit! 

How important is it to have a survival kit? 

It’s a matter of life and death! J.K. But, in all honesty, it is helpful to have these materials at hand just in case you need them. You never know what life has in store for you, so better safe than sorry!

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