Candle Magic: Colors, Meanings, and More

By Katie Robinson

On February 21, 2022

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Candle Magic: Colors, Meanings, and More

Colored candles can boost the potency of any spell. Whether you’re using a red or pink candle, here’s what to know about color magick.

What Do Candles Represent?

Think back centuries … Light wasn’t an accessible amenity. The only thing humankind could rely on was the light that they could create themselves. 

So, here’s the reason candles are so potent: Candles represent lighting up the darkness of a situation. They represent creating a silver lining where there isn’t one and creating a brand-new beginning.

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle magic simply refers to using candles to activate a spell or ritual. 

So, why use candles? The thing is: Color symbolism is a huge part of witchcraft and the color of a candle really matters. Because witchcraft is heavily focused on the Law of Attraction, the color of the candle is used to naturally emit the emotions you need to fuel the desired manifestation.

For example, if you’re hoping to bring passion and lust into your relationship, seeing the color red naturally heats us up—energizing our hearts. 

Here, we’ll go over all the different kinds of colored candles, their meanings, and what they’re best used for.

Colors and Meanings

There are many different kinds of colors that you can get. Here is a list of colored candles that can be used in magic spells and rituals:

Candle Colors for Spells

Pick the best color for your spell by using our quick guide below!

Protection Candle Color

Love Candle Color

Sex Candle Color

Health Candle Color

Fertility Candle Color

Healing Candle Color

Manifestation Candle Color

Friendship Candle Color

Money Candle Color

Releasing or ‘Letting Go’ Candle Color

Communication Candle Color


How long does candle magic take to work?

A good candle magic spell should work instantly. It could even work within a matter of hours—or minutes! However, the effectiveness of the spell will always depend on the attraction levels you’re projecting. If you put 3x the effort into visualizing the outcome, then it will happen 3x as fast.

If you’re bringing a so-so level toward the spell’s end goal, you may see results somewhere from a couple days to a week.

How do you make a protection candle?

Making a protection candle is easy! The first thing to do is pick out one of the colored candles best for protection. We really like black for this one. 

Then, sage the candle. 

After that, anoint your candle with the desired scent for the intention. (In this case, lavender or peppermint oil works well!) 

Finally, carve a marking or a name into the candle of the thing or person you want to protect yourself from.

What color candle should you burn on Tuesday?

The best-colored candle to light on Tuesday is a red candle. Why? Tuesday is Mars’ day of the week. This planet is wild, passionate, and intense. Being that it rules our anger, passions, and sex, it’s best to light a red candle — one that inspires lust and connection.

Does candle magic really work?

If you believe that color magic works, or that each color symbolizes and emotes a certain feeling or energy, then yes. Candle magic works because the colors of the candles help us emit the necessary feelings of what we’re trying to attract. 

How do you anoint of ‘dress’ a candle with oil?

If you feel you’d like to add more power to the spell, you can dress your candle in essential oils or herbs. You can also carve symbols or names into the candle—depending on your intention. 

Note that to add essential oil to the candle, there is a specific way to apply it. If you’re hoping to let go of something, dress it from the top of the candle downward. If you’re hoping to manifest something, dress it from the bottom to the top.

To dress the candle with herbs as well, simply mix the herbs with the essential oil before anointing. 

What do you do with a candle after a spell?

It’s hard to know what to do with a well-burnt candle! A couple options: 1) bury the candle, 2) reshape them, or 3) simply throw them away. 

The intention you put into your spell will work regardless of what you do with the candle after the fact. 

Can you use scented candles for spells?

It’s best to use unscented candles for magic spells. 

Do spells work?

Spells definitely work. All you need is a strong intention, the right materials, and the belief that your spell will be a success.

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