What Astrology Says About Shakira and Chris Evans’ Compatibility

By Brooke Kottmann

On August 4, 2022

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What Astrology Says About Shakira and Chris Evans’ Compatibility

Shakira and Chris Evans: a match made in (speculative) heaven?

Okay, okay. So we don’t have word yet that the Colombian superstar and Hollywood hunk are actually linked, but this hasn’t stopped literally the entire Internet (and us!) from hoping.

The couple sparked dating rumors back in early June after fans seemingly noticed Chris followed Shakira on Instagram immediately after she dissolved her long-term relationship with Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué amid cheating rumors.

In a July interview with People, Chris, 41, was quoted saying he’s “laser-focused” on finding love and that, now, he’s looking “to find someone … to spend [his] life with.” Aw.

We were intrigued about Shakira and Chris’ potential compatibility, so we asked astrologer Maisy Bristol to decode their birth charts for us. Here’s what she had to say. 


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Shakira’s birth date is Feb. 2, 1977, which makes her an Aquarius! As the rebel of the zodiac, it definitely wouldn’t be out of the question for a romance between Chris and her to brew online and off. 

And this makes sense, given Aquarians are notoriously big-hearted, altruistic and incredibly clever. 

Birth Chart

Chris Evans

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chris, born on June 13, 1981, has his sun in Gemini. As with other Geminis, Chris is intellectually inclined, friendly and talkative—we can see why Shakira would be interested in the movie star (other than the fact he is the beloved Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course).

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Birth Chart

Are They Compatible? Yes!

According to Bristol, Shakira, 45, and Chris are absolutely compatible!

For starters, there’s a lot of sexual chemistry between these two charts. 

“But what adds to the attraction,” Bristol says, “is the fact that Chris and Shakira’s charts share prominent air energy as well—making them suitable for day-to-day living.” 


Air Suns + Water Moons

With the same elements for their suns and moons—air and water, respectively—Shakira and Chris have quite the jovial synastry. 

“Seeing sun signs in the same element means that the way both Shakira and Chris embody life and think about themselves is the same,” Bristol says. “There’s a natural flow here. And Aquarius and Gemini are very suitable for each other; there’s always witty banter and a stimulating mental debate to bring them closer.”

Surface level, as a couple, they work well, but they also work well in the deeper aspects, too! This is thanks in large part to a romantic water energy that flows through their charts. 

“With Shakira’s moon sign in Cancer and Chris’ moon sign in Scorpio, these two know how to love and know how to love hard,” she says. “Even though they seem fun and detached on the outside, they know how to seriously commit to a partner.”

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Opposition: Shakira’s Venus and Chris’ Jupiter

Shakira’s fervent Venus is opposite Chris’ charismatic Jupiter. And talk about an energetic (and even lucky!) aspect.

“This brings attraction level sky-high!” Bristol says. “Chris could feel overwhelmed by how attracted he is to Shakira … and, honestly, it might even put her off a bit!” 

She says Chris might also come on too strong, which, in turn, could be a reason their “relationship” might be dragging—or at least the reason why it hasn’t been confirmed. Yet. 

Trine: Shakira’s Venus + Moon and Chris’ Ascendant

There’s an auspicious trine in their birth charts among Shakira’s flirty Venus and imaginative moon and Chris’ powerful, intense ascendant. With a trine like this, Shakira feels extremely comfortable with Chris. 

“He exudes sex appeal and safety for her—which is a really important thing for a Cancer moon, such as herself!” Bristol says.

Trine: Shakira’s Mercury and Chris’ Chiron

Shakira’s Mercury in Capricorn aspects Chris’ Chiron in Taurus for yet another positive trine—this time in earth signs, leaving Shakira and Chris feeling grounded and secure in their “relationship.”

Chiron represents our deepest wounds. Because Shakira’s Mercury (planet of communication) makes a supporting aspect here, she gives Chris an openness to vulnerability when discussing sensitive matters, Bristol says.

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Chris’ Moon + Pluto in Shakira’s 7th House

The moon is the celestial body of emotions, while Pluto is the planet of sex and death. 

These aspects in Chris and Shakira’s charts, according to Bristol, can go one of two ways: Either the sex is amorous and amazing, or there is a toxic emotional tie that could make the relationship overtly disruptive.

“Given all their other supporting aspects, though, I have to feel like this indicates potential for a long-lasting, and passionate, relationship,” she says.

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