How to Handle a Moody Aquarius Man

By Jessica Estrada

On June 8, 2022

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How to Handle a Moody Aquarius Man

Men born between January 20 and February 18 have an Aquarius sun sign. One common question about these water bearers born under this sign is: Are Aquarius man moody?

The short answer is yes; they can be. Read on if you’re curious to learn more about the moody Aquarius man in your life, including why he’s being aloof or hot and cold. 

Aquarius Men


Aquarius men are as unique, eccentric, and unconventional as they come. They’re ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with disruption, so it’s their purpose to shake things up. They’re known for going against the grain.

The Aquarius man doesn’t like being like everyone else in every area of life, including the way he dresses, his interests, his viewpoints, or his career path. His rebellious nature is balanced out with a deep commitment to humanitarianism. He’s on a mission to make the world a better place. 

Emotional Traits

Although Aquarius men are social and have many acquaintances, they tend to hide their feelings and emotionally distance themselves from others, only allowing their inner circle to see and understand them. This trait captivates people and makes them curious to understand an Aquarius man more. 

Traits in Love

Aquarius men don’t like conforming to the status quo in all areas of life, including love. That means they need an open-minded partner willing to see and do things differently. They crave someone who supports the causes they believe in. The same goes for date nights. Don’t expect an Aquarius man to be a dinner-and-a-movie type of guy. That’s way too basic for him. Anything weird, wild, and experiential are more up his alley. 

Why He’s Being Aloof or Hot and Cold

Being in love or in a relationship with an Aquarius man can be, in a word, confusing. The Aquarius man being aloof is all too common, and it can feel like they’re playing games. In reality, though, a lot is going on underneath the surface. Here are three main reasons why an Aquarius man can come off as moody and aloof. 

He Values His Independence.

It’s not necessarily that an Aquarius man is being aloof or cold intentionally. Although they are naturally social, they value their alone time, which can come off as having a detached demeanor. His freedom is everything to him. If he feels stuck in any way or his freedom is jeopardized, you can count on him distancing himself. 

He’s Hesitant to Commit. 

Aquarius men are known to be casual with relationships and break hearts wherever they go, and that’s due to their hesitancy when it comes to commitment. Remember, he is nonconforming to the max, including in love and relationships. And Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means they like to take things slow. When he does find the right person, he’s happy to settle down and go all in but won’t do so until he’s 100 percent sure it’ll be worth it. 

He’s Very Laid Back. 

Again, Aquarius men don’t like to do things like everyone else, including how they express their feelings. So although his aloofness may come off as him not caring, it can be that he’s just not into showing his love in traditional ways. Don’t expect him to shower you with flowers and chocolate. Those things feel like fluff to him, and as a fixed sign, he’s all about keeping it real. 

How to Deal With a Moody Aquarius Man

When dealing with a moody Aquarius man, there are some things to keep in mind. First, remember that he doesn’t like feeling like he’s tied down or smothered. It’s important to him that his relationship makes him feel free to be himself, and that having ample alone time. This requires a partner who can trust him. 

If you’re in the early stages of a relationship with an Aquarius man, it can be confusing to read where they stand regarding their feelings and intentions. The key? Be patient. Give them the time and space to determine if it’s a good fit. 

Also, note that an Aquarius man needs a deeper purpose in a relationship. As air signs, they’re very smart, and they require a strong mental attraction. In other words, they’re not the type to partner up just for its sake. They want someone down to do fun things off the beaten path and build a meaningful, purpose-filled future vision together. 


Are Aquarius tough?

When it comes to reading and understanding an Aquarius, yes, an Aquarius is tough. 

Why are Aquarius so cold-hearted?

It’s not that they’re cold-hearted necessarily. It’s more so that they like to keep their distance, making them come off as aloof. 

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