May Gemini vs. June Gemini: What’s the Difference?

By Katie Robinson

On May 17, 2022

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May Gemini vs. June Gemini: What’s the Difference?

In general, Geminis are fun-loving, social signs that enjoy learning and bring the party wherever they go. But did you know that a Gemini born in May is quite different from a Gemini born in June? Depending on when you were born, you may pick up on different Gemini characteristics and traits. 

Difference & Dates

All Geminis are born between May 21 and June 20. However, the difference between May and June Geminis is represented by the three decans—three equal parts of 10 degrees within the sign itself. So, if you were born on May 21, you’d be considered a first decan Gemini.  

Gemini Types

First Decan Gemini

The first decan of any sign will encompass all the natural tendencies and traits of that sign. So, if you were born within the first 10 degrees of Gemini, you are likely to be the most Gemini out of the three. That means: eagerness, optimism, excitement, flightiness, and a willingness to learn. 

Second Decan Gemini

If you were born between 10 and 20 degrees, you’re considered a second decan Gemini. Ruled by Venus, instead of the airy intellectual mind, you may be more sensual and sensory than other Geminis.

Third Decan Gemini

If you were born between 20 and 30 degrees, you’re considered a third decan Gemini. Since this area is ruled by Saturn and Uranus—so, you might be more structured than a typical Gemini. You may also enjoy the idea of creating, rather than learning new topics. Uranus has the energy toward go-go-go and find “newness.” 

If you’re curious to know what kind of Gemini you are, the best way to do this is to calculate your birth chart or get a birth chart reading

May Geminis


This Gemini is likely to have all the most raw Gemini traits out there. They are excitable, spontaneous, and a little ADD. They aren’t able to keep focus and they can’t handle themselves under lots and lots of stress, but they are a wonderful person to talk to when you need to figure things out. Their mind works fast and makes connections with ease.

A first decan Gemini carries with them the skills of Mercury (planet of communication), its ruling planet. Because of that, this Gemini is very good at connecting with new people. They are also skilled at networking or sales. 

This decan of Gemini is also more likely to enjoy learning new skills, taking on new hobbies, or challenging the mind in some way. Give this sign a textbook, and they’ll devour it just to see what’s inside. That’s, again, thanks to the planet Mercury for ruling over this section of Gemini. 


June Geminis


June Geminis are likely ruled by either Venus or Saturn/Uranus … so, their presence is much more sensual and restricted. A typical Gemini has a very flowing personality. This is the kind of person who is extremely go-with-the-flow and at ease. 

But a June Gemini is more likely to have a regimented flow to their day—where they have routine and can set a schedule. They may also be more likely to enjoy physical touch and movement in the bedroom. 

If you’re a second decan Gemini, you may be very interested in building relationships with others. As hard as you may try to pin down what love means, you may still find it a difficult concept to understand. Because you search for beauty and aesthetic (thanks to Venus), you may tend to live in a fantasy world. You might miss red flags or over-fantasize the scope of your partnerships. Additionally, a third decan Gemini is extremely persuasive. Venus rules charm!

While all Geminis are experimental, the third decan Gemini may be more inclined to trying new things in the bedroom, regarding investments, or in regards to personal evolution. 



What kind of sign is Gemini?

Gemini is a mutable air sign. Its other sisters are Aquarius and Libra.

It is represented by The Twins due to its connection to siblings and children. It rules the 3rd House of communication, travel, siblings, and technology in the birth chart. Within its three decans, it’s ruled by Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus. 

Overall, Gemini is a fun-loving sign that loves to learn. And I mean loves it. This sign will pick any topic and willingly start to devour the information in front of them. And that’s not just because they love learning. They’re also incredibly curious. Just think of a kid (hence: the Twins!). 

Are Geminis mean?

Geminis could never be mean! Most Geminis are super easygoing and enjoy a good time. 

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