How Every Sign Can Feel Better, Right Now (Crystals Optional!)

By Shereen Campbell

On September 18, 2017

In Dream, Element, Spirit

How Every Sign Can Feel Better, Right Now (Crystals Optional!)

Some days you just need a little ritual to get your oomph back!  It could be you had a rough day and aren’t feeling yourself. Or, maybe you just have something really special that you want to manifest, and you need an energy boost so you can make it happen! Either way, we’ve got you. These rituals, arranged by sign, can help you tune into your heart, check out from the world at large (it’ll still be there when you get back!), and emerge ready to achieve your goals. Psst: For added effect, add a crystal to your routine to amplify your intentions. Try these rituals now, and try them during the new moon in Virgo on Tuesday, September 19, for even more power. 

Aries Feel Better Ritual 
When you feel like you need to get your manifestation powers popping, Aries, the first step is to get your blood flowing.You are at your peak when you are out there being active, releasing your energy, so it doesn’t get bottled up. Feel free to throw on your favorite red gym outfit, and hit the treadmill or boxing bag. Once you feel good and exhausted, it’s time to do the soul work! Hit your yoga mat for some relaxation.  Lay down, put a carnelian (or any red stone) on your solar plexus (by your belly button) and breathe deeply.  Repeat the phrase, “I am” over and over until you feel your stresses of the world leave you.

Taurus Feel Better Ritual
Boy, do you hate being uncomfortable, Taurus!  If you’re feeling like too many things are happening outside of your control, it means it’s time for some self-centering! Turn on some calming music and make yourself a healthy meal. It sounds simple but you need to use those hands and create something beautiful and tasty sometimes to calm your nerves. Once you’re good and full, lie down, put a rose quartz crystal on your sacral chakra (above your groin) and breathe deeply, love. Make a mental list of all things you have starting with the phrase “I have” until you return to a place a gratitude.  The universe has your back, and this serves to remind you of just that.

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Gemini Feel Better Ritual      

Ever suffer from information overload, dear Gemini? Your mind is always buzzing at the speed of light, and sometimes you just need it to stop! Well, meditation might just been created just for you.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds. Try out a guided meditation so you can slow your speedy thoughts down and focus them on what you hope to accomplish. Add a little extra juice to this by sitting with a piece of jade by your root chakra. Your go to phrase is “I Think,” and yes, you think a lot, so you can create a lot. Just gotta learn to focus all that thinking!

Cancer Feel Better Ritual
They call you sensitive for a reason, Cancer, and ain’t nothing wrong with that! You are sensitive, and it is a gift to hold on to tightly. You feel everyone’s vibes and are able to nurture even the most stubborn soul into peace. In order to keep this gift flowing, though, you need to make sure you make some time to give yourself the same type of loving.  Spending some time alone is the ultimate cure, as it allows you clear out any energy that does not belong to you. A long, hot shower followed by a hot tea and a walk will do you wonders. Try placing a moonstone by your root chakra (at the base of your spine), and listen to the sound of the ocean during meditation for an extra boost.

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Leo Feel Better Ritual
Feel yourself taking things a little too personally, Leo? Never fear, just dance. Yes, dance or do anything that requires fun and laughter. You have the tendency to take on the issues of all those around you, and sometimes you need to let it all go and let the universe take the lead. The best way for you to forget your worries is to dance like you ain’t got no worries! Lock your bedroom door, turn on your favorite tunes, and get your boogie on. Once you are all danced out, lie down and place some citrine on your sacral chakra (just below your belly button) and breathe deeply. Feel free to end the night with your favorite comedy. Laughter is great for the soul!

Virgo Feel Better Ritual
Everything cannot be perfect all the time, which we know is a hard pill for you to swallow, Virgo. but the imperfections in life are what makes it so darn magical. When you need to get out of your mind, to take a break a from all your analyzing (and overanalyzing), here’s what you can do. Clean! Pick a part of your house and scrub it down. Imagine as you are scrubbing, that you are also cleansing your mind of worries and stress. Once it’s good and shiny, take yourself a long bath preferably with some exotic herbs and oils. While you’re at it, put a red jasper crystal on your solar plexus and breathe deeply.  You’ll get out of the tub feeling clear and clean!

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Libra Feel Better Ritual
Ever feel like you are being pulled in opposite directions, and you just can’t find a fair solution, Libra? Sounds like it’s time for a little self loving! Funny enough, the sight of beauty is incredibly calming for you. Treat yourself to a me day with the goal of surrounding yourself with as much beauty as you can find. Visit a museum or window shop. Buy yourself some flowers and have a nice dinner. End the day with a long bath and a meditation with a rose quartz on your heart chakra. Imagine the crystal sucking up any blocks you have so can approach all future decision from your heart.

Scorpio Feel Better Ritual
Admit it, Scorpio, sometimes you get a little too obsessive. It’s okay, it’s in your nature. Scorpios are deep thinkers and love to get the bottom of everything, understanding whatever it is far deeper than most signs have the patience for. However, you can get so stuck in your mind that you forget your body, and sometimes you need a little help breaking free. The cure? Pamper yourself. Go get a massage, mani/pedi, haircut or just have sex (solo sex included)—anything to get back into your body. Meditation can also help to calm you, so feel free to add an amethyst over your throat chakra to bring it to the next level.

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Sagittarius Feel Better Ritual
You know you need a little boost, Sagittarius! You are the life of the party, meeting and greeting everyone you can, and sometimes you take on so much responsibility that you end up a little worn down. The fix? Learn something new! Start a new book or take a class. This will feed your exploratory desires, but won’t create too much additional responsibility for you. It will also give you some down time from the usual crew, and a chance to not worry about others. A good meditation session with a piece of turquoise positioned above your crown could also do wonders.

Capricorn Feel Better Ritual
If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the deadlines you must meet to accomplish your desires, Capricorn, it might be time for a little self love break. Yes, this means take a break from work. We promise it will not ruin your life. Take some time to explore nature. Go on a hike, do some outdoor yoga, or just go hug a freaking tree. You are an earth sign, and interacting with the earth will calm you. If you make it outside, a garnet crystal is a good companion! Position it at your crown chakra while you lay in meditation for an extra boost.

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Aquarius Feel Better Ritual 
Sometimes your superhero cape needs to be washed, Aquarius. We know you are busy trying to save the world, as you are the humanitarian of the zodiac, but even superheroes need naps. When you feel yourself exhausted by your spinning thoughts featuring climate change and world hunger, it might be time for some solo self love time. Being that you are an air sign, the first stop on your self love tour is absolutely meditation. A guided meditation will do wonders for you, especially if you add some hematite to your throat chakra. Next stop is working on your favorite hobby, practicing yoga, or reading a sci-fi book—more or less anything that requires no wifi or cellular service will do you so much good.

Pisces Feel Better Ritual
Sometimes you take on too much of other people’s junk, Pisces! It’s your gift and curse. You are incredibly empathetic, which is mostly a good thing, but it becomes problematic when you forget the boundaries. The cure? Do something artistic! Almost all Pisces have a natural gift for drawing, writing, singing, sketching, and creating some sort of art. Pull out your mandala coloring book and get to work. Let all of those emotions out through your art, and you are bound to feel rejuvenated. Once you are finished, take a long, hot bath. Add an aquamarine to your heart chakra (right at your heart!) while in the tub for an extra kick. You should be back to your normal self in no time!

Feature illustration by Debra Cartwright

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Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.
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