Why (and How) Crystals Can Bring Your Sex Life to the Next Level

By Alexandra Roxo

On July 6, 2017

In Compatibility, Romance, Sex

Why (and How) Crystals Can Bring Your Sex Life to the Next Level

As a woman on a quest to explore all things spiritual and sexual, I was intrigued as soon as I heard about Chakrubs, sex toys made out of crystals. The thing holding me back? This nagging thought: I just don’t know about putting a crystal … there! Which is ridiculous, since most sex toys are made of all sorts of man made materials. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense: Why not use crystals down there?

That’s why I decided to sit down with the founder of Chakrubs, Vanessa Cuccia, to talk about how you can engage the healing energy of crystals for a pleasure experience that can rock you spiritually and sexually. Here’s what I found out:

Q; How did the idea for Chakrubs come to you (no pun intended)?

Cuccia: Back in 2011, I was living with a spiritual teacher and working at a sex toy shop. I had taken the job at the sex toy shop to put myself around knowledgeable, sex-positive people, who could help me understand my own sexual hangups. I found myself being interested in their products, they carried everything: high-end vibrators, lingerie, books, you name it. But I realized I needed more than an orgasm.

While pleasure was very important to me, at some point in my sexual journey, I had subconsciously learned to dissociate from my body. I needed to unlearn this; I needed to connect with myself. So, one night I went with my spiritual teacher to a friend’s house, where a crystal wand was brought out. Something clicked within me, and I realized that with a few adjustments, it could be used as a sex toy.

To me, crystals felt like a more intimate material to use than anything that was currently available at the store—like silicone, stainless steel, wood, glass, squishy jelly-like substances. Crystals are beautiful, natural; they carry the history of the earth, as well as properties for well being. I wanted this tool for my own sexual and energetic healing, and I felt strongly that if I wanted it, others would, too.

Q: My two fave things are spirituality and sexuality. I’ve been hot on the trail of both for over a decade! In my web show “Be Here Nowish,” which I directed a few years back, sex writer Karley Sciortino has a line where she says, “You stick the crystal up your vagina. It doesn’t vibrate like a vibrator, but it vibrates out good vibes!” So I think you and I may be on the same vibe. Ahhhh another pun! 

Cuccia: I think that many of us felt a desire to become intimate with crystals. When I lived in Santa Cruz in a shared house, I remember my friend Eileen would sometimes put a moonstone in her mouth. (Moonstone can enhance energy, intuition, and provide protection.) I think it’s really important to note that you shouldn’t use just any ol’ crystal internally. There are many crystals that are very soft, like selenite, that should not get wet, otherwise they deteriorate.

And crystals can be thousands of years old. That’s awesome, but it raises some safety concerns if you’re planning to use one intimately: When you find a wand at a regular metaphysical shop, you have no idea how someone has used it before you. Chakrubs come from something I call the “mother stone”—a large chunk of crystal that is sourced and polished down for the specific purpose of using intimately, never having been owned by anyone before it reaches the customer.

Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia explains just how crystals can elevate your sex life. 

Q: Why is improving women’s sex lives important to you?

Cuccia: When I started Chakrubs, I was in my early 20s and had recently made the realization of my own mortality. I suddenly looked at the relationship I had been in for the past six years, and saw it for what it was. I had lost my virginity to this man, non-consensually, and was constantly being used for his own sexual pleasure. He had accepted that I didn’t orgasm, and didn’t care to take my suggestions of using a vibrator during intercourse. When I realized that I was a quarter done with my life and hadn’t had fulfilling sex, I knew I needed to make a change. That’s when I took a job at a sex toy shop to start educating myself about sexuality. Because of how I’ve been able to help myself, I want to help others through what I’ve learned. I think that whenever we feel we’ve unlocked the key to something that helps ourselves, we naturally want to tell others what we’ve discovered.

Q: Besides women, are chakrubs fun for couples / men / non binary folks, too, or more a female pleasure device?

Cuccia: I think because I identify as a woman, Chakrubs has mostly presented itself as a brand geared towards woman. But I want to reach anyone that can benefit from this type of work. I’ve worked with people undergoing gender reassignment surgery. My most recent line of Chakrubs, The Shadow Line, has prostate massagers and cock rings for male-bodied people. I want to reach anyone that will benefit, and create sexual healing in the world as much as I can.

Q: I have wondered what it would be like to use one—can you tell me about your first experience with one? 

Cuccia: The first Chakrub I used was the Rabbit Jade. It’s white, and I’ve always seen it as a “virginity stone.” I was nervous; this was something that started as an idea, and now I was going to try it in real life. It felt. Damn. Good. On so many levels. I can’t explain. My only wish is that I had thought of this when I was first learning about sexuality as a young woman. To be able to keep this talisman forever as the first thing to ever enter me. But that is kind of what it was; I was taking my own virginity once again, reclaiming my body, communing with the earth and the source of creation with my creation. It was sweet, potent, magical. It was meaningful to me and thinking about it drives me to create more channels for people to be open to this type of sexual discovery.

Q: Can you explain to a crystal newbie how crystals can work to change your sex life?

Cuccia: There are many ways! But, to keep it simple, one way that crystals work is through amplifying energy. When you combine your sexual energy with that of the crystal, it creates powerful energetic vibrations that sensitize you to pleasurable frequencies. When coupled with mindfulness and intention, we can go deeper into exploring what our bodies are capable of on a physical as well as energetic level.

A Chakrubs in quartz, designed to bring balance and harmony to your sex life.

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