This placement is one of high drama, and relationships may easily fall by the wayside because of it. Like fellow fire sign Aries, Venus in Leo is passionate, sexy, and full of sparks. When Venus is in Leo, it's hard to focus on anything else but love on a grand scale. It's hard not to get carried away by the intensity, but it can be a great time to make some memories. A tip? The love language of this placement is definitely words of affirmation—the more praise the better (flattery will get you everywhere).

This placement cares more about intellectual stimulation and a good heart than the usual material trappings of romance. In this placement, true love looks more like unloading the dishwasher rather than over-the-top displays of affection. Honesty, loyalty, and trust are most important. Virgo tends to evaluate all their options before making a solid decision, so Venus in Virgo takes a cautious approach to love, taking their time to evaluate potential partners before jumping into a relationship (or bed).

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